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Beaton, M.C.

M.C. Beaton Books

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M.C. Beaton is the creator of the popular Agatha Raisin series, as well as the Hamish MacBeth series. She also wrote under a variety of pen names. What is your favorite by this most prolific writer?

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Beth Dhennin - 03:27pm Jun 14, 2000 PST(#33 of 46)

I agree with ALL of you; M.C. Beaton is a gem! I bought all of the Hamish books I could get my hands on at the local Barnes and Noble, then, out of desperation, I picked-up my first Agatha Raisin...Now I am heavily into THAT series, too! Beaton's writings are so much FUN!

Denise Walker - 05:30am Jun 20, 2000 PST(#34 of 46)

I love Hamish and I like some of Agatha. Agatha needs something. Hamish I could just hug him. I haven't found the Hamish book that his dog dies in. Any one ?

Louise Szymanski - 10:12am Jun 23, 2000 PST(#35 of 46)

I'm a librarian, and I think I've read all the Hamish books, but I don't remember one where the dog dies. Those books were more interesting when Priscilla was in the action. I love the Hamish books. I've also read the Agatha books, and I don't like them as well. It's embarrassing for a woman her age to act the way she does about James. She needs to find a new interest.

Lori Ann Whit - 05:27pm Aug 2, 2000 PST(#36 of 46)

Towser died in the 11th novel, Death of a Nag. I've read all 15 in the series several times. They are by far the best in cozy mysteries.

Denise Walker - 12:08pm Sep 8, 2000 PST(#37 of 46)

Thanks, I just read that book and I wanted to cry for him. I loved it when the town came to the funeral.

jill haflich - 05:38pm Oct 3, 2000 PST(#38 of 46)

The BBC has a Hamish series with Robert Caryle (?) has Hamish. It is on Monday nights at 10:30.

Denise Walker - 06:38am Nov 27, 2000 PST(#39 of 46)

Thanks, I will look for it.

Are there any new books yet ?

Denise Walker - 11:37am Feb 27, 2001 PST(#40 of 46)

Hamish lovers ;

I am rereading my Hamish books. Which one is your favorite ?

Katarina Rundgren - 04:11am Apr 17, 2001 PST(#41 of 46)
A stranger is a friend you have yet to meet

Since someone nominated Agatha Raisin as their favourite female sleuth I decided I had to read some of M C Beaton's books about her. Now I've read five or six Agatha Raisin books and I have to say I find her quite annoying. But I also quite like the books. One night last week I kept reading until really late and found myself laughing out loud all alone in the middle of the night. That's always a good thing. :-)

How do you compare the Hamish books to the Agatha books and do you recommend I read those?

mrs.mystery - 02:05pm Nov 20, 2001 PST(#42 of 46)

I've read the AGATHA series.I like mysteries with overweight women charaters in them.If you know of other mysteries to write me

Denise Walker - 07:57am Dec 14, 2001 PST(#43 of 46)

The Hamish books are my favorite over Agatha. He is so adorable. Read and enjoy.

Jocelyn Bernal - 12:46pm May 14, 2002 PST(#44 of 46)

I just got my first Hamish Macbeth novel, Death of a Gossip, and I'm quite looking forward to it. I decided to give it a try, because I absolutely love Rhys Bowen's Constable Evans series, and I've heard that it was similar to the Hamish Macbeth series.

I totally recommend the Constable Evans series! They're such great, fun reads!

Penny Collazo - 12:21pm Nov 5, 2003 PST(#45 of 46)

I find Agatha Raisin someone who won't go gently into that good night. She is a fun mess to keep up with and even tho' vane and greatly flawed she is alive and kicking! I can't help but enjoy her.

sheila graham - 03:11pm Apr 6, 2005 PST(#46 of 46)

Are any of the Hamish Macbeth movies being broadcasted on PBS??If so when??

thanx, sam

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Books & Authors  / List of Authors  / List of Authors A - B  / Beaton, M.C.

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