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Gilman, Dorothy

Dorothy Gilman Books

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Dorothy Gilman has brought the world to her readers through her novels featuring unlikely spy Mrs. Pollifax.

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Catherine A. Johnson - 07:45pm Jul 18, 1999 PST(#34 of 44)

I have enjoyed all of the Mrs.Pollifax books and looked forward to the television show. I was SO disappointed! I now can see why some author's prefer that their books are never made into movies. I am anxiously awaiting a new novel but I would rather see the novels go back to the way the first ones were written.

Dianna - 05:22pm Jul 27, 1999 PST(#35 of 44)

I love Dorothy Gilman. I've not read "Thale's Folly" (but will!) My favorite is "The Tightrope Walker", my least favorite, "Caravan"!

Chris Colombo - 06:59am Jan 22, 2000 PST(#36 of 44)

The Mrs. Pollifax books are a delight but I agree with other readers who prefer books outside the series. A Nun In The Closet may be my favorite but The Clarivoyant Countess and others are also favorites. Has Gilman written any non fiction essays? I find her world view and philosophy needfully uplifting.

Pat Waite - 06:08pm Mar 13, 2000 PST(#37 of 44)

I think when a character is developed through the use of empathy (which we all had for Mrs. P. when she thought about stepping off the roof in the first book), and then has the character marry, become rich, and so on, it is not the same character and is doomed to be disappointing. Same thing happened with Sue Grafton's PI and Marcia Muller's PI when they start making money. No empathy. No connection with the reader.

Matt Mallecoccio - 09:29am Feb 19, 2001 PST(#38 of 44)

I haven't read her books all the way through yet,but I like the characters.Mrs.P is really cool,and I absolutely love to read about lady spies.

elleke - 01:19am Jun 14, 2001 PST(#39 of 44)

I live in the Netherlands and I don't know were i can see the Mrs. Pollifax movie. I really love the Mrs. pollifax books, all of them. I read them all at least three times. I hope Dorothy Gilman will continue writing, and I can't wait to read th next one.

Adam Apple - 12:05pm Apr 8, 2002 PST(#40 of 44)

I must say, I actually wrote Ms. Gilman about the possibility of the Mrs. Pollifax film. I actually wrote to inquire about perchance getting a copy from her of the ORIGINAL theatrical film, Mrs. Pollifax, Spy, starring Rosalind Russell.

When she wrote back, she was very much excited about the possibility of Angela Lansbury purchasing the rights and doing an adaptation herself. This was so long ago though that Ms. Gilman was discussing with me the possiblity of ehr purchasing the rights to her new novel Mrs. Pollifax and the Golden Triangle.

Well, needless to say, years have past since my only correspondence with this lovely woman. I have never seen either of the Pollifax films. However I am becoming a director and writer in my own right. Maybe one day she will see fit to let me try to do some justice to this film.

If anyone happens to know how I could get a copy of either I would be extremely grateful and willing to pay.


Robert Woodruff - 09:09am Dec 15, 2002 PST(#41 of 44)

I especially like listening to Mrs. Pollifax as read by Barbara Rosenblatt. Now I look forward to getting stuck in traffic!

Kitty Ray - 11:57am Mar 11, 2003 PST(#42 of 44)

I adore every word of the Mrs. Pollifax books and feel I've scored a big hit if I happen to come upon an unread Gilman book at the library. Of the books on tape which I have listened to, Barbara Rosenblatt is a genius as the reader. Ms. Rosenblatt also reads many of the books by Elizabeth Peters for the audio recordings. I would like to see the Mrs. Pollifax series shown on Masterpiece Theatre on PBS.

Linda Soohoo - 01:26pm Jul 24, 2003 PST(#43 of 44)

I've just discovered the Amazing Mrs Pollifax , I adore her . I have a great appreciation for beginnings . Dorothy Gilman proves your life isn't over after 40. It's been a week a a half since I found a couple of her books at a garage sale needless to say I finished both in a day a went directly to Border's to buy the rest . I love being entertained . thanks for the pleasure of your creations .

Donna Bland - 07:47pm Nov 9, 2006 PST(#44 of 44)

Does anyone out there know what has happened to Mrs. Gilman? No new books for two years! Is she still writing? Is she still alive? (I e-mailed her publisher and have had no response.)

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Books & Authors  / List of Authors  / List of Authors G - I  / Gilman, Dorothy

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