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MacDonald, John D.

John D. MacDonald Books

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Author of more than 70 books during his career, John D. MacDonald is best known for his hardboiled crime series featuring Travis McGhee. books have been re-issued as well.

Please discuss his work below.

Paul Bergin - 09:04am Aug 13, 1999 PST(#1 of 10)

If anyone's interested, the 7th John D. MacDonald Conference is set for October 22, 23 & 24 in Sarasota, FL (JDM's home town). I went to the last one (in 96) and had a hell of a good time. It's a pretty academic affair, but fun in spite of it.

jbmarco - 04:09pm Sep 2, 1999 PST(#2 of 10)

dear paul, i, for one loved john d. read everything he ever wrote, except some of the short stories, perhaps. i wish i could go to sarasota for the convention. where is it held, and how much does it cost? thanks for opening up a discussion for my favorite author.. i liked "the beach girls best of all the non-travis.. as for him, they were all great!

Maud Gonne - 09:23am Dec 19, 1999 PST(#3 of 10)

Has anybody read "The Girl, The Gold Watch And Everything"? It's not, strictly speaking, a mystery, but it's very enjoyable with a great female girlfriend of the protagonist.

Paul Bergin - 11:09am Dec 21, 1999 PST(#4 of 10)

jbm - The conference was held this year at USF-New College & Marina Jack. I didn't go myself, but met some of the participants for drinks and found that the general consensus was that it was not done as well this year as in the past. It may, in fact, have been the last JDM conference. There is a movement afoot to stage a broader-based conference covering all Florida crime fiction, not just John D., here in Sarasota. We'll see.

On the subject of fave JDM stand-alones, there are just so many great ones that it's hard to name favorites. a few that no one should miss, though, are: The Crossroads, The Drowner, Slam the Big Door, Dead Low Tide, and Where is Janice Gantry? The last three, by the way, are set in and around a very thinly-disguised Sarasota.

Denise Walker - 10:19am Jan 5, 2000 PST(#5 of 10)

Was Magnum P.I.a take off of John D.'s Travis. How many movies were made from John D. 's books?

Paul Bergin - 09:09pm Jan 12, 2000 PST(#6 of 10)

Magnum may have antecedents, but Travis McGee was not one of them. Had you read any of the McGee books, you would know this. There is a guy who is trying to meld McGee and Magnum into a single character in a (hopefully by now terminated) just plain awful series set in Hawaii. The author's name is Knieff. His output is contemptible. Check it out. Might be what you're looking for.

Kent Wood - 10:07am Jan 26, 2000 PST(#7 of 10)

I am an old fan of JDM's work of several years. I would like to "chat" with others who appreciate JDM's work and style. Kent Wood []

Denise Walker - 10:56am Feb 28, 2000 PST(#8 of 10)

I have seen the movie. I have read his books. They may not of credited J.D. for the story of the movie, but it was from that book.

Richard W. Webb - 07:06pm Jun 21, 2000 PST(#9 of 10)

I discovered J.D. MacDonald in the early 70's. I read all the Travis McGee books and many of his other books also. After reading the Randy Wayne White, Doc Ford series, I decided to read all the Travis McGee books again. I'm enjoying them a second time.

turk - 01:32pm Mar 17, 2001 PST(#10 of 10)

did meyer have a first name ?

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Books & Authors  / List of Authors  / List of Authors M - O  / MacDonald, John D.

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