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Mosley, Walter

Walter Mosley Books

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Walter Mosley is the bestselling and award-winning author best known for his Easy Rawlings series.

Maria Gonzalez - 12:31pm Sep 19, 1998 PST(#1 of 9)

I love Mosely's Easy Rawlins books. Devil in a Blue Dress was the first Rawlins mystery I read. Mosely described Easy's home and community so well that I could really see it in my mind. When I saw the movie with Denzel Washington, I felt they did a great job with the location and choice of actor. Unfortunately the story line isn't exactly like the book. I did not like Gone Fishing. It explained how Easy and Mouse got together but the story was kinda strange. I hope Mosely continues writing about Easy Rawlins.

P Marlowe - 01:43pm Nov 14, 1998 PST(#2 of 9)
Glenview 7537 - Hollywood

If you liked "Devil . . ." by all means read "White Butterfly" and "Black Betty." These books will fill in a lot of the holes in Easy Rawlins life. I recently purchased "Little Yellow Dog" but have not read it yet. I think he is defintely one of the best authors writing today in any genre. He has such style and captures the times (50s & 60s in Southern California) flawlessly.

idris jamal - 04:46am Jul 6, 1999 PST(#3 of 9)


Walter Mosely's Always outnumbered Always outgunned was a slew of emotional pathos seldom acknowledged or understood. There was a book review in a local newspaper here in Norfolk Virginia that was arguably the understatement to Mr. Mosely depth into character and story. Each of mystery novels continue to transcend the socialistic confines of culture and principle with a theme torn from the very fabric of life itself. Mr. Mosely is a master story teller and his new venture into the "science-fiction" genre is a balancing act he plays off like second nature. I look forward though, to his return to mystery, because indeed his forte is undeniable.

Steve Bailey - 12:43pm Jul 26, 1999 PST(#4 of 9)

Has anyone read Mosley's short story 'Fearless' that appeared in the anthology of black mystery writing 'Spooks, Spies and Private Eyes'? The characters of Fearless Jones and Paris Minton have a lot of potential for development in future novels and short stories. I hope Mosley writes some more about them, I think he's a real master of that difficult form, the short story.

Lawrence Johnson - 05:35am Nov 18, 1999 PST(#5 of 9)

Hi Y'all, I'm interested in when the next Easy Rawlins book is coming out and what the hell happened to Mouse. Is he gone for good? Please keep me posted. I'm also waiting on the next movie. Please keep Denzil and Don in the flict. Great job. Love ya man, J.J.

Janice Knowlton - 11:04pm Feb 9, 2000 PST(#6 of 9)

I've always wanted to ask Mr. Mosley if his use of the name "Dahlia" in the book and movie,"Devil In A Blue Dress," and his inclusion of the pedophile with a young boy, was a deliberate reference to his having learned that the Black Dahlia was involved in a child sex ring. I spoke with a black woman who, I'm told by her, worked on the movie. Her name was Clora Bryant, and she is the woman whose clothes were found next to the body of Elizabeth Short, (they had been stolen.) Clora noticed the same thing I did, and wanted to ask Mr. Mosley about it during the making of the film. Clora was a singer, and she confirmed one of my memories of having witnessed my father kill Eliz. Short; which was that the cops who tracked down Clora through her clothes, showed her a photo with a broomstick handled impaling the body. One of the ways I remembered witnessin this being done, was to have written a poem about the broomstick horse I rode as a child; which (in the poem), I named "Denial." This was one of the things the LAPD never confirmed, and they never interviewed me through all the years of my remembering. I know now why they have not. Janice Knowlton, co-author with true crime writer, Michael Newton, of "Daddy Was The Black Dahlia Killer," Pocket Books, Simon & Schuster, paperback, now in 5th printing.

Klaus Velten - 12:34pm Apr 28, 2000 PST(#7 of 9)

I am writing my thesis on "Color Codes in Walter Mosley's Detective Stories". Can anyone tell me where to find further information on this subject (interviews with Walter Mosley etc.) ?

michela martinello - 01:22am Sep 17, 2000 PST(#8 of 9)

I'm writing my thesis on "always outnumbered,always outgunned" and "walking the dog".I still don't know what theme to focus on.can anybody tell me what they find most interesting about these two books? and i'd appreciate if you know where i can find further information about this author. thank you

michelle munevar - 08:33pm Oct 21, 2001 PST(#9 of 9)

I have to write an essay about "Devil in a Blue Dress," but I don't seem to find the theme of the story! Can someone help me?

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Books & Authors  / List of Authors  / List of Authors M - O  / Mosley, Walter

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