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Peters, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Peters Books

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Elizabeth Peters is the pseudonym used by author Barbara Mertz when writing her mysteries featuring archeologist and amateur detective Amelia Peabody.

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Caro Orbay - 06:10pm Feb 20, 2004 PST(#218 of 227)

Does any one know when the next Amelia Book comes out? I bought the compendium but even that isn't enough to hold me over until it comes out!

Anne Ward - 06:01am Mar 9, 2004 PST(#219 of 227)

I just finished the "Falcon" and was wondering if anyone could tell me if there is a sequel?

Ana Bento - 09:48pm Mar 11, 2004 PST(#220 of 227)

Yes, there are more books in the series after "Falcon". The next book after "Falcon" is "He Shall Thunder In the Sky", followed by "Lord of the Silent", "The Golden One", and finally "Children of the Storm". There is also a new book coming out soon, "The Guardian of the Horizon", which goes back and tells a story from the Lost Years, some of the years that are skipped in between some of the novels so far.

Caro Orbay - 12:39pm Mar 22, 2004 PST(#221 of 227)

The next book coming out (the one Ana Bento mentioned, Guardian on the Horizon) comes out March 30. It's from 1907-1908, they go back to the lost oasis to help Tarek. (Not Tarkan, I dont no wat i was thinking)

Dulce Chale - 02:55pm Jul 27, 2004 PST(#222 of 227)

I, too, am very impatient for another Vicki Bliss. Any details on The Serpent and the Crown? Amazon mentions it is coming, but the MPM website hasn't given any info yet...

readurr - 09:45am Nov 9, 2004 PST(#223 of 227)

I too, would love to see a new Vicki Bliss. Any word on anything?

Fran Hinkel - 07:07am Nov 15, 2004 PST(#224 of 227)
You can check out anytime you like...but you can never leave!

The Serpent on the Crown in the Amelia Peabody series, comes out March 29, 2005

Apparently, Ms. Peters has other obligations currently, but has not ruled out another Vicki Bliss story. There is nothing now on the horizon.

Judith Farmer - 09:59am Nov 11, 2011 PST(#225 of 227)

I just discovered Elizabeth Peters series of Amelia Peabody, really enjoy it and look forward to the next book, but then what is the NEXT book. It is hard to tell, the way they have them listed in the front of each book is not always the same. You get involved, they now have grandkids, then the next book listed should have been read many books ago. What is the real chronological listing of the books so they may be read in real order?

Chelsea Clark - 04:02pm May 14, 2013 PST(#226 of 227)

Hello Fellow Elizabeth Peters fans,

I am a costumer and I am planning an Amelia costume. I am planning to do shirt-waist and Turkish trousers both due to preference and ease of construction. My question is color. I have no idea what color to go with. I am only part way through book 3 (please no spoilers!). My mom swears there is somewhere where she says she wears "happy colors" but mom can't find it and doesn't remember if there are examples. I was thinking a lighter colored light-medium weight linen. Does anyone have ideas? Also should the shirtwaist and trousers match or no?


E House - 08:26am Feb 3, 2014 PST(#227 of 227)

Chelsea, Amelia does wear bright colors, most commonly red. She often says she wears red because it's Emerson's favorite color, although it's hinted in the books that it's actually her own favorite. However, the shirtwaist itself should be white, cream, or some other very light shade. Her outfits usually include a jacket over the shirtwaist, so that can be red, as well as the Turkish trousers.

Historically speaking, you should use a tropical-weight worsted wool for the jacket and the Turkish trousers, although linen would also work nicely.

(And as a fabric maven, I have to say that people who sneer at the Victorians for wearing wool in Egypt should really TRY it first. Yeah, lots of layers of it would hurt, but given the choice and some 100 degree weather, I'd consider it a toss-up between wearing tropical weight worsted wool and handkerchief weight linen, and I'd probably go with the wool. Wonderful stuff; wool breathes WAY better than the crap we wear nowadays.)

Anyway. The reason I sought out this board was because I ran across some mentions of one last unpublished-but-hopefully-soon-to-be-published Amelia Peabody novel: The Painted Queen. I'm hoping to find some more detailed rumors. Has anyone heard anything?

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Books & Authors  / List of Authors  / List of Authors P - R  / Peters, Elizabeth

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