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Patterson, Richard North

Richard North Patterson Books

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To research his bestselling and award-winning thrillers, Richard North Patterson has interviewed a variety of political players, from presidents to press secretaries.

Fran Hinkel - 06:30am Nov 17, 2003 PST(#1 of 4)
You can check out anytime you like...but you can never leave!

With 13 novels to his name, Patterson has never lost sight of the reader and is now a master of combining suspense with legal intrigue, political drama, and high-stakes power plays. This year, he's published Balance of Power, the third (and final) installment of the Kerry Kilcannon series, which follows the political career of the young, charismatic Senator Kilcannon from his presidential campaign through his first year in office.

Casey Rodriguez - 05:42pm Nov 27, 2005 PST(#2 of 4)

I have only read four Patterson books but the best so far for me among them is Degree of Guilt. That was a brilliant courtroom drama. The confrontation scene between Christopher Paget and Mary Carelli after Paget found out the truth was just intense. I was a bit disappointed with Eyes of a Child, which took up what happened after the Carelli trial. It was a good book but it did not have the same brilliance as its predecessor.

Terri R. Adams - 10:32pm Mar 23, 2007 PST(#3 of 4)

I am reading Balance of Power. I have read most of Patterson's books and they are a very good read. I especially like the way he handles the dialogue between adversarial lawyers. I am disappointed though in this book, not that it is any less in any of the above, only that I rather resent having to pay to read his liberal soap boxing, regardless of the importance of the issue, and regardless of my own opinion. If I want to read propaganda or diatribes against the Republican party, I only have to watch most of American television. To make the entire Republican party a villianous, anti-Christ entity is certainly beneath his dignity as an author. If he really wanted to show D.C., in the light of how it works, it would better have suited him to be more objective, and if he only wanted to make the National Republican Party responsible for 50 State governments and the scapegoat of his cause, he should have used an essay format and let us read it for free.

Terri R. Adams - 07:37am Apr 18, 2007 PST(#4 of 4)

Now that I have finished the book, I must add that the coincidental timing of finishing Balance of Power was too overwhelming. While I had to take exception to his villification of the Republican party, his portrayal of the inner workings of the political system, irrespective of party affliation, is certainly correct. We get bought and sold daily by those elected to see to our interests. Once elected the only interests are their own. Anyway, putting aside the slant, it was certainly written with his usual attention to detail and great characterizations. This Republican enjoyed it regardless. I hope Mr. Patterson continues his fight, outside of his novels, to get sanity in a more National attitude for gun control.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Books & Authors  / List of Authors  / List of Authors P - R  / Patterson, Richard North

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