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Pearson, Ridley

Ridley Pearson Books

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Bestselling author Ridley Pearson is best known for his well-researched, suspenseful storytelling.

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Bonnie Mann - 03:07pm Aug 2, 1999 PST(#19 of 27)

One of my favorite novels was an early one. It was orignially published under the title Yankee Green Mall but was republished later unter a different title (which of course I don't remember).

This is one of the first books I ever read that wrote from the point of view of both the "good guy" and the "bad guy". I have since read others but I believe that very few can do it as well as Pearson (O.K., not counting Thomas Harris and James Patterson).

Karen Sauerlinder - 02:53pm Aug 28, 1999 PST(#20 of 27)

I agree with Penny the book Undercurrents is great! It was the first of his books that I read and from then on I was hooked.I also live in the Puget Sound area and found the setting very interesting.

Karen S.

Phyllis Smilack - 06:44pm Sep 7, 1999 PST(#21 of 27)

I love Ridley too and I would have to say one of my all time favs has to be Pied Piper. I recently read First Victim and was disappointed. Did anyone else feel the same way?

Kim Mills - 09:37am Apr 18, 2000 PST(#22 of 27)

I just finished my first Ridley Pearson book, "The Angelmaker" It was great.....just couldn't put it down. I am a loyal John Sanford fan.....have read all his books! Ridley is well on his way to being one of my favorite authors! I just started "Beyond Recognition" last night....can wait to see what happens.

Atanua- 8^) - 03:44am Jul 7, 2000 PST(#23 of 27)
Short and unpronouncable ... and proud of it!!!

I just finished "The Pied Piper", the first book of Pearson I've ever written. I liked it a lot, allthough the beginning was quiet confusing. I guess it's easier to start with the first book of a series. Now there were a lot of reference to things that happened in previous books.

((((( Kat ))))) for introducing me to Pearson. On to the next one on your list!!

Katarina Rundgren - 03:51pm Aug 5, 2000 PST(#24 of 27)
A stranger is a friend you have yet to meet

I read The First Victim today and I have to agree with some of you who commented on it before. It is different from his other Boldt/Matthews books. It felt more like a political statement. At least to begin with. I felt it picked up after a while and in the end I couldn't put it down.

But I hope his next book will feature Boldt, Matthews and LaMoia more. "Middle of Nowhere" is still only available in hardcover here, I will try to be patient and wait until it's available in paperback but who knows... ;-)


I'm so glad you liked him. Did you read him in English or Dutch?


Atanua- 8^) - 12:40am Aug 7, 2000 PST(#25 of 27)
Short and unpronouncable ... and proud of it!!!

I read it in Dutch Kat, like usual. Our library only has a limited English section (and readin Dutch is just easier for me).

I just finished "Probable Cause". This one features Dewitt and not Boldt. I have to admit I liked this one much more than the Pied Piper. I really wanted to finish it last night before turning out the light. But I fell asleep because I was so tired ... **g**

Atanua- 8^) - 06:50am Jul 25, 2001 PST(#26 of 27)
Short and unpronouncable ... and proud of it!!!

Read The First Victim. I agree with Kat that it was a bit of work to get it started. But after the first "obligatory" pages, it was hard to actually stop reading to get of the train in time. I could have easily kept reading until the book was finished (but who knows where I would have ended up then!! Certainly not at work! **giggle )

PoisonGuy - 06:22am Oct 31, 2002 PST(#27 of 27)
I got my Nemesis pregnant!

Middle of Nowhere was excellent, despite what I didn't like about it. Pearson rarely disappoints. I do think he spends too much time describing certain things in his books, some aspect he's research quite extensively, resulting in a slowdown, especially in this one. The technological aspect described in this book (mobile phone technology), and quite a bit of detailed information, actually wasn't necessary in solving the crime or catching the criminal. I did not like the way he dealt with Daphne and Boldts relationship in this book.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Books & Authors  / List of Authors  / List of Authors P - R  / Pearson, Ridley

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