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Cat Mysteries

Cat Mysteries Books

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Anyone who loves cats, as I do, will really enjoy the series of books by Lillian Jackson Braun. All titles begin with "The Cat Who..." and feature a funny newspaper man named Qwilleran, who has two siamese cats, Koko and Yum-Yum, who help him solve mysteries. I would say these also fit into the "cozy" category. Please feel free to add your own favorite author who features cats in their stories.

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Nacho Cat - 11:07am Jul 22, 2004 PST(#23 of 33)

Aside from Rita Mae Brown and Shirley Russeau Murphy, are there any other cat mysteries where the cats "talk" either to other animals and/or humans?

Fran Hinkel - 07:11am Sep 1, 2004 PST(#24 of 33)
You can check out anytime you like...but you can never leave!

Qwilleran receives "messages" from Koko and YumYum - see the introduction above.

Cat Lady - 05:49pm Mar 11, 2006 PST(#25 of 33)

With the Mrs. Murphy Series of Rita Mae Brown books, does it matter which one gets read first? Is there any order (other than publication date)?

Fran Hinkel - 03:44am Mar 17, 2006 PST(#26 of 33)
You can check out anytime you like...but you can never leave!

Hi Cat Lady, we have a whole discussion going for Rita Mae Brown. The introduction lists the books in order. Follow THIS LINK

Sue Guillemette - 06:45pm Feb 13, 2008 PST(#27 of 33)

I'm noticing that there's a lot out there, but an introduction to mysteries with cats (besides Lillian!) was Fran Stewart who wrote "Orange as Marmalade" and has 3 others in the series. They're cozy reads! And Marmalade does talk in it :)

Fran Hinkel - 03:46am Apr 18, 2008 PST(#28 of 33)
You can check out anytime you like...but you can never leave!

There's also a series by Carol Nelson Douglas featuring cat sleuth Midnight Louis.

Titles include:

Cat in a Midnight Choir , 2002
Cat in a Leopard Spot, 2001
Cat in a Kiwi Con, 2000
Cat in an Indigo Mood, 1999
Cat in a Jeweled Jumpsuit, 1999
Cat in a Flamingo Fedora, 1998
Cat on a Hyacinth Hunt, 1998
Cat in a Golden Garland, 1997
Cat in a Diamond Dazzle, 1996
Cat With an Emerald Eye, 1996
Cat in a Crimson Haze, 1995
Cat on a Blue Monday, 1994
Pussyfoot, 1993
Catnap, 1992

Fran Hinkel - 03:53am Apr 18, 2008 PST(#29 of 33)
You can check out anytime you like...but you can never leave!

You can read about the antics of Sweetums an orange and yellow cat who makes life a little more challenging for Judith Grover McMonigle Flynn, crime-solving owner of a bed-and-breakfast in the Pacific Northwest. This Mary Daheim series' titles include:

Silver Scream, 2002
A Streetcar Named Expire, 2001
Suture Self, 2001
Creeps Suzette, 2000
Legs Benedict, 1999
Snow Place to Die, 1998
Wed and Buried, 1998
September Mourn, 1997
Auntie Mayhem, 1996
Nutty As a Fruitcake, 1996
Major Vices, 1995
Murder My Suite, 1995
A Fit of Tempera, 1994
Bantam of the Opera, 1993
Dune to Death, 1993
Fowl Prey, 1992
Holy Terrors, 1992
Just Desserts, 1991

BrashNZ - 04:35pm Jul 20, 2009 PST(#30 of 33)
My real name is Ashley, I play Brass, I live in New Zealand. So you can just call me Ashley or Ash if you want.

I'm suprised there are not more posts here about Marion Babson. Most, if not all of here books have a cat theme, and are always light-hearted, humourous storylines. Great fun to read.

Wanda Venable - 10:01am Jul 9, 2012 PST(#31 of 33)

Can anyone recommend books without heavy profanity. Disappointed in Rita Mae Brown books -- used "heavy profanity". Book could have been interesting without the profanity.

Thanks for any suggestions!

Kristi Garzelloni - 11:18am Feb 16, 2013 PST(#32 of 33)

I had a website that listed authors that wrote cat mysteries, it gave the name of their books, it was in alpabetical order, gave a short bio of what each book was about etc. anyone know what that website was called??

Mary Fantina - 04:16pm Jan 6, 2014 PST(#33 of 33)

Try some of the kindle books in the Fancy Cat Mystery Series.

Fancy That

Fancy's Silo

Fancy's Signature (just published)

Fancy's War

Fancy's Card

Fancy's Book

Fancy's Role

(and my favorite) Fancy's Church.

The best part is you can borrow them for free if you are an Amazon Prime customer.

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