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Romantic suspense, mysteries for Valentine's Day, and mysteries with a romance theme-- many have been written over the years. Remember a good one? Looking for a suggestion? Visit "Crime Meets Love: Mysteries of Romance Online" for online mini-mysteries by authors such as Jonathan Kellerman, Barbara D'Amato, and Alan Russell. Post a message on this topic below.

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tea - 10:58pm Feb 7, 1998 PST(#12 of 25)


Coco Taylor - 12:54pm Feb 9, 1998 PST(#13 of 25)

Coco is here to tell you that I am smooth!And I give advice on how to be a smooth great poet. Brother! check me out!

Laurie Hintz - 10:47pm Feb 11, 1998 PST(#14 of 25)

Had a difficult time with the story. Did not seem to be very realistic, especially with taking the baby along. Although, the suspense was good.

Christina Stone - 04:36am Feb 15, 1998 PST(#15 of 25)

I am afraid what started out as a good story became a little too far fetched. For example, she had no way of knowing whether or not the baby would actually throw the rattle or where it would land. Also, what guarantee did she have that the man she wanted to kill would follow her like that? And, to me, a loving mother and father would not risk the life of their own child. Does anyone else agree? Or am I being too critical?

Michelle Rigby - 12:03pm Jun 25, 1998 PST(#16 of 25)

The story line was pretty interesting, but I found it a little warped that she would allow her baby to see such a terrible thing. It had an interesting twist at the end. I never suspected it would turn out like that.

Rose of Mystery - 09:46pm Aug 7, 1998 PST(#17 of 25)

What book are you all speaking of? I'm afraid I must break in my own romance favorite. Lousia May Alcott's 'blood and thunder' novels are very interesting. I enjoyed 'A Long Fatal Love Chase' and 'A Marble Woman', and I'm beginning 'Behind a Mask' and 'Pauline's Passion and Punishment'. I suggest you all read them, they are so deep, dark, elusive, erotic, they are truly something to spend your time on.

l. hamon - 03:10pm Sep 14, 1998 PST(#18 of 25)

I am looking for away to gain access to romntic mysterys and true crime mystery's. I need help, can't seem to get it on my own?

Rob Lewis - 03:34pm Sep 14, 1998 PST(#19 of 25)

l. hamon--

What seems to be the problem?

Jules Lahm - 05:43pm Dec 21, 1998 PST(#20 of 25)

Anyone looking for a new romance/mystery with a splash of suspence too? A quick review for you: What happens when you suddenly realize that you loved someone in another life, a realization that leads to the inescapable conclusion that if you are here now, he or she must be as well? How would you go about finding this long-lost-love among the teeming billions of people on Earth?

Hugh Drummond - 06:34am Jun 2, 1999 PST(#21 of 25)
" I have a criminal mind... I see bad in everyone," (Mr. J.G. Reeder)

On a number of occasions I have described the mystery as the 'Modern Morality play'. Where is the modern morality play without romance? Love makes us do selfless things, silly things. And I wouldn't have a mystery any other way.


Nan Urban - 12:49pm Jul 24, 1999 PST(#22 of 25)

I recommend Jane Rubino's mysteries for the wonderful relationship that begins in the first book and continues through the third (and I hope the next- and I hope the next is soon!) Cat Austen is smart and a little wary of romance and Lt. Victor Cardenas is really the perfect man, somber on the outside but with a dry sense of humor and a romantic streak. Yet the romance never interferes with the suspense or the plot.

Morales Vanessa - 02:52pm Jan 12, 2000 PST(#23 of 25)

I thought that these books had great meaning to it, and it can make people realize many things in life especially their problems with their soulmates. Arianna Resendiz agrees with me she says that these books should never be taken

Barbara Jordan - 05:49am Jan 28, 2000 PST(#24 of 25)

I don't understand... I like to read, the books were really good, but they could have been better

Jack D - 01:59am Feb 23, 2010 PST(#25 of 25)

Did both of them really marry a murderer? To be continued.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Books & Authors  / Genres and Themes  / Themes  / Romance Mysteries

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