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Alfred Hitchcock Presents: The TV Show
Alfred Hitchcock launched his TV show, "Alfred Hitchcock Presents," in 1955. The show ran until 1965, with one switch in networks, and used many seminal directors, writers, and important actors in the creation of this classic TV program. Discuss your favorite episodes with other fans and viewers here!

To discuss Hitchcock's Movies, click here. To discuss Hitchcock's short stories, magazine and anthologies, click here.

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colin fklko - 01:10pm Sep 22, 2009 PST(#287 of 296)

I'm trying to find an old tv episode- I think it was an episode on Alfred Hitchcock. As I remember, it was about a traveling salesman who by chance gets to play in a high-stakes game of baccarat and wins but cracks up from the pressure and is taken away in a straight-jacket. Would anyone know of this episode and or any site where I might find it. Much appreciated!

Dave Harler - 04:54pm Jul 20, 2010 PST(#288 of 296)

I remember a very old 'AHP' short movie on television in the 70s or 80s which featured a girl that had the power to freeze time, by simply saying "Shut Up" (I think!) I know in the very last scene she says, "Shut Up!", and then looks into the sky to see a nuclear bomb, hanging motionless. During the film a man and woman are arguing. The girl says, "Shut Up!", the couple freeze in motion and the girl lays both of them on the grass, man on top of woman. When the girl then says, "Start talking" the couple 'come alive' and are shocked at the position they find themselves in.

Please help in solving what the name of the short story was.


freddy murtz - 03:07pm Sep 24, 2010 PST(#289 of 296)

LOOKING for an EPISODE. Can anybody help? A wicked woman is sent to prison and therein coerces the old caretaker to help plan her escape by burying her,alive, along with the next inmate who dies(outside the prison fence). Plan was to come back and dig her up, but she ends up getting buried with her would-be rescuer! Thanks

garyleeoz - 09:14pm Jun 27, 2013 PST(#290 of 296)

Hi all.

To Freddie Murtz - it's called "Final escape". Made twice. The original 1960s version (from the Alfred Hitchcock Hour) had the prisoner as a male while the colour 1980s remake had the prisoner as a female.

To Dave Harler - it's an episode of the colour 1980s Twilight Zone, called "a Little Peace and Quiet".

To TheresaRegister - that's another 1980s colour Twilight Zone called "a Matter of Minutes". I think it's based on a story by Theodore Sturgeon or maybe Ray Bradbury where the couple accidentally find themselves caught between 2 consecutive moments of time.

To Candy, Agee and Mara Dee - it's another from the Alfred Hitchcock Hour, called "Where the Woodbine Twineth". Not sure if it was remade as a 1980s colour episode.

Sorry Colin I don't remember an episode with a Baccarat game ending with the guy cracking up being taken away in a straight jacket. You could try looking through the online episode guides for the 1985 colour series of ALfred Hitchcock Presents, eg. There's a 1950s original series episode that's similar called "Crack of Doom" but it's about a poker player who bets too much and is too tired to think straight.

Just wondering if anyone has Nick-at-Nite recordings of the original 1950s episodes. They have the original intros and epilogues whereas the DVDs and later TV broadcasts use edited versions or alternate versions that were made for "the rest of the world" (ie, UK and Canada ?)

garyleeoz - 09:17pm Jun 27, 2013 PST(#291 of 296)

Hi Colin - Perhaps you are thinking of "the case of Mr Pelham" which ends with Alfred (or his double) being taken away in a straight jacket ? The play itself ends with a game of billiards or pool. (the play is about a man who finds out that someone is impersonating him).

garyleeoz - 09:30pm Jun 27, 2013 PST(#292 of 296)

To Thomas Gillard - sounds like "Body in a Barn" from the Alfred Hitchcock Hour. Lillian Gish was the guest star in that one.

To Kathleen Curate - sounds like "Specialty of the House" from the original Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Not sure if they remade it for the colour series in the 1980s.

garyleeoz - 04:58am Jun 28, 2013 PST(#293 of 296)

To Kathleen Curate - the second story you asked about is called, "an Unlocked Window" (from The Alfred Hitchcock Hour and then remade for the 1980s colour AH Presents series).

garyleeoz - 05:08am Jun 28, 2013 PST(#294 of 296)

To Dave Harler - Sorry. Having read your story summary again, I now think it probably isn't "a Little Peace and Quiet" that you are after. For a start, the heroine who can stop time in aLPaQ is a stressed out housewife, not a little girl.

John Langhorn - 10:21pm Mar 3, 2014 PST(#295 of 296)

Is there an episode mainly shot from the viewpoint of someone who is thought to be dead but is in fact paralysed. Left in the morgue overnight finds he can move one finger to tap on the gurney but when wheeled along a corridor a squeaky wheel prevents him being heard tapping. He is then transferred to another gurney but finds he is lying on his finger. Next shot is an attendant peering at him and sees a tear on his cheek? My memory may not be perfect.

garyleeoz - 06:31am Jul 7, 2014 PST(#296 of 296)

Hi John Langhorn. Sounds like "Breakdown" from Season 1 of the original B/W series. Joseph Cotten played the unfortunate victim. I think it was also remade as part of the 1980s colour series.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Greats  / Alfred Hitchcock  / Alfred Hitchcock Presents: The TV Show

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