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Killers and Psychos
Some movies live on in our memories long after the credits have rolled by. Movies like Psycho broke new ground in striking terror in the hearts of movie fans. What is your favorite?

Mystery Net's complete list of the Killers and Psychos Mystery Movies

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P Marlowe - 11:31am Nov 6, 2002 PST(#15 of 25)
Glenview 7537 - Hollywood

Scariest movie for me was Psycho in 1960. Nothing like it had ever been done before and believe me strong men screamed and women fainted. And I like millions of women wouldn't take a shower - only baths for me.

Then in the 1970s, Wes Craven's entry into the film making world with Last House on the Left got my Scream Award. The tag line was "keep telling yourself that it's only a movie."

In 1980's Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

In the 1990's Seven.

Haven't seen The Ring but have heard it is scary.

daffodil - 02:01pm Nov 23, 2002 PST(#16 of 25)

The first 15 minutes of "The Believers" by John Schlesinger scared me so, I hardly blink seeing psychos in whatever movie. brrrrr.

Jillian Bartak - 02:53pm Feb 25, 2003 PST(#17 of 25)

I donot enjoy psycho and killer books except Clue books. They capture the readers full attention. I do not like stories with blood and total detail about how they murdered someone.

ewan mcgregor - 10:42am Feb 26, 2003 PST(#18 of 25)


daffodil - 10:51am Feb 28, 2003 PST(#19 of 25)



Tim Snakesell - 01:41am Mar 5, 2003 PST(#20 of 25)

Michael Myers. No doubt about it. What's so bloody unnevring is the manner he walks to his would-be victims. And Carpenter's music holds you on edge to this day!!!!!

daffodil - 02:44pm Mar 5, 2003 PST(#21 of 25)


Why don't you come to the social lounge or do some teasers by members, Tim? Or Post and solve [see grey bar on the left]

Kadrin Brown - 01:31pm May 24, 2003 PST(#22 of 25)

Hannibal from Silence of the lambs and now Red Dragon. Gotta love a classy twisted psycho like that.Kinda Ted bundyish.Up til Hannibal Freddy Kruger was my fav.Am ready to see more women killers though.Time for the tides to turn.hahahahahVincent Prices voice in thriller is classic too.

rams - 02:03am Oct 9, 2003 PST(#23 of 25)


Is there any movie based on which the psycho is a scientist and jailed?

P Marlowe - 08:48pm Oct 18, 2003 PST(#24 of 25)
Glenview 7537 - Hollywood

Quentin Tarratino's characters and films fill almost every niche in the "killers and psychos" genre, although they are brilliant films. Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Dusk 'til Dawn (he wrote) and Kill Bill Kill??? (haven't seen but it has everyone talking).

Tobe Hoopers' original "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" was one of the most intense films I've ever seen with the scariest Psycho killer around - in fact I've only seen it once.

“Jeepers Creepers” was one of the best downright scary films I’ve ever seen for about the first 40 minutes and then it fizzled – although the ending is great and the song “Jeepers Creepers” played in my head for hours afterwards.

Carpenter's first "Halloween" was simply great - understated violence, heavy suspense - the best combintion in my opinion. Trivia note (which most of you probably know): Michael Myer's mask is the face of Starship Capt. James T. Kirk painted white.

Wes Craven's first movie "Last House on the Left" is definitely not for the squeamish or easily offended, but at least those killers and psychos get their come-uppance in this one.

Mario Bava made "Twitch of the Death Nerve" in the early 1970s which, believe it or not, was the forerunner for just about ever slasher film since. It was the absolute foundation for the Friday the 13th series.

All are worth checking out.

Brinti spontelli - 06:32am Jan 27, 2004 PST(#25 of 25)

A great series of horror movies are the Friday the 13th!!! After I saw that I never wanted to go to camp again! I think it's odd that Jason's mom kills everyone at first, then sends him out to help her. They are great movies, especially at night!!!! lol

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / TV, Movies & More  / Mystery Movies  / Top 50 Movies  / Killers and Psychos

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