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#002- Race Against Time
In the second book in the new series, Nancy is captaining a bike team in the annual River Heights Biking for Bucks charity road race. The race is held every year to raise money for the less fortunate citizens of River Heights who need help making ends meet.

Shortly after the race begins, all of the money that's been raised is stolen! Nancy has only two suspects, and is determined to find the thief and restore the money.

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Suikoden - 03:11am May 13, 2004 PST(#14 of 26)
With God, All things are possible!

Just finished reading this one. I liked this one better than the first one. :) The part about Ned really got me worried. And that Deirdre.. *g*

Girl Detective#1 - 01:51pm May 25, 2004 PST(#15 of 26)

I kinda like the "catch phrases" and I also love the cover art of these books. U know how there is her face and that on the cover? I think that IF u pieced it all together you get the same face as on "The Secret of the Old Clock" RT. Look at the picture on the back and compare it! :D PS. Just finished this book and definately think it was an improvement over the first. The part with the boat and the snakes was cool. Just started book 3.

lees - 02:04am Oct 19, 2004 PST(#16 of 26)

good book. nice to read. hop to have more book

aussiefan - 04:24pm Jul 19, 2005 PST(#17 of 26)
Anyone for a holiday in New York with Aunt Eloise?

What I dislike most about this series, isn't that they've just changed SOME things...they've changed everything. I've read every book ever written about Nancy, and this series really just rewrote the rules completely. How many times did we read over the years about George being the cyclist and the athlete of this group of girls. Nancy the best cyclist? That doesn't even make sense. I'm so disappointed in this series.

Lucky Star - 02:48am Jul 20, 2005 PST(#18 of 26)

That's a shame - makes you wonder if they put any research into Nancy!

goldenkitten - 05:47pm Feb 17, 2007 PST(#19 of 26)
My life verse is . . . Isaiah 6:8 (K.J.V.) Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me.

In these book they say George's real name is Georgia, but in the old books they say that her parents were so sure she was a boy but then when she turned out to be a girl thsey stuck with George.

talor - 02:49pm Feb 21, 2007 PST(#20 of 26)
Nice to be back :)

I would sick to the old books these all have diffrent authors!

talor - 07:39am May 24, 2007 PST(#21 of 26)
Nice to be back :)

Well I am reading this book! i am almost's good i like it.

Namine the Nobody - 06:11am Jun 16, 2007 PST(#22 of 26)
"You may not know it's me and I may not know it's you but we will meet again...I promise!"

This book was very poorly written, I honestly think that the stories on this site are better!

talor - 06:14pm Jun 17, 2007 PST(#23 of 26)
Nice to be back :)

(I think so to) But I still am gonna finish it.

nancydrewgirl16 - 01:22pm Jul 10, 2007 PST(#24 of 26)
I LOVE Nancy Drew

I think the older books are way better than the newer ones,but i still like them.I like how certain changes were made to make the better

talor - 02:26pm Jul 11, 2007 PST(#25 of 26)
Nice to be back :)

Yeah. I do miss the old ones. well 1-56. It gets sad when you finish all of them. But then you still have alot of others to read!

I finished this book. I think I was half suprised and half not. You know? It was a good book.

bessfayne - 04:38pm Jan 26, 2008 PST(#26 of 26)

personally thought it was very brave 2 go and try and find all that money 4 the open your heart fund. ti was very noble

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