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Peters, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Peters Books

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Elizabeth Peters is the pseudonym used by author Barbara Mertz when writing her mysteries featuring archeologist and amateur detective Amelia Peabody.

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Edith Beers - 06:46pm Apr 17, 1999 PST(#43 of 227)

Just read a great article in the March/April issue of "Archaeology Magazine" - about writers of Archaeological mysteries - naming Elizabeth Peters (Amelia Peabody Series) and Lindsay Davis as the best of the current writers - I whole-heartedly agree -

Susan D. Smith - 08:40pm Apr 23, 1999 PST(#44 of 227)
Never without a Mystery!

Love Emerson & Peabody - am no shrinking violet myself! Archeology has fascinated me for years, to be able to combine that with a mystery is just the best. Haven't read Lindsay Davis, is she as good as Peters? What time period does she write in?

Peters has promoted the Nefret/Ramses duo for the last couple books, it seems just about time to bring it to the logical conclusion. Has anyone heard of the title or when the next Amelia book will be published? Am anxiously awaiting the next adventure!

barbara argabright - 12:18pm Apr 25, 1999 PST(#45 of 227)

look at the Lindsey Davis file for information regarding the Marcus Didius Falco great series of novels: 9 to date, set in ancient Rome. great reading. great relationship between Falco and his lady. give it a try.....

barbara argabright - 12:26pm Apr 25, 1999 PST(#46 of 227)

sorry, got carried away responding to Susan's post...need a list of Elizabeth Peter's various series? Jacqueline Kirby? Seventh Sinner, Murders of Richard III, Die for Love, Naked Once More....any more? Vicky Bliss? Borrowers of the Night, Street of the five Moons, Silhouette in Scarlett, Trojan Gold, Night Train to Memphis....any more? Don't just concentrate on the Amelia Peabody series, as great as it is! ;-)

Edith Beers - 08:06pm Apr 25, 1999 PST(#47 of 227)

Here is a list of books by Elizabeth Peters other than Amelia Peabody -

VICKY BLISS: Borrower Of The Night -1973, Street Of The Five Moons -1978, Silhouette In Scarlet -1983, Trojan Gold -1987, Night Train To Memphis -1994,

JACQUELINE KIRBY: The seventh Sinner - 1972, Murders Of Richard III -1974, Die For Love - 1984, Naked Once More -1989.

OTHER BOOKS NOT AS A SERIES: The Camelot Caper - 1969, The Copenhagen Connection - 1982, The Dead Sea Cipher - 1970, Devil-May-Care -1977, The Jackal's Head - 1968, Legond In Green Velvet - 1976, The Love Talker - 1980 - The Night of 400 Rabbits - 1971 - all fun reading - I may have missed one or two.

Does anyone know if they ever made a movie base on one of her books.

Christa Mobley - 07:29am Apr 28, 1999 PST(#48 of 227)

Hello everyone. Just wanted to let you know that the public library is a great way to read the latest hardbacks for free so you don't have to wait for the paperback to come out. You can get on a waiting list for really popular books. I go to the libary every few weeks and get mystery books on tape to listen to in the car and while cleaning the house plus all the latest mysteries to read. (Loved "Seeing a Large Cat")

Elizabeth Hayes Smith - 12:58pm Apr 28, 1999 PST(#49 of 227)


I wholeheartedly agree about the library -- I use it all the time. And as for books on tape -- I cannot bear commuting or scrubbing the floor without them! What a boon to a working/driving person is books on tape!

I just read Seeing A Large Cat, (I also belong to a mystery-book reader's club call Mystery Guild, where I can buy the hardbacks much cheaper than in the store or at Amazon)and I did very much enjoy it. It's never as fun a mystery when it doesn't involve "The Master Criminal" Sethos, though. However, the next one, The Ape Who Guards the Balance, involves that same evil Sethos, and I've gotten the book -- just haven't sat down to it yet. I'm sure once I do, I won't be able to put it down!

Erika Douglas - 05:11pm May 13, 1999 PST(#50 of 227)

Hi All! I have alot to write. First for those who like the Vicky and John series check out an earlier EP called Camelot Caper. That is John's first book. Also the new Amelia Peabody comes out on June 8, I believe. It is called The Falcon at the Portal. I hope that this is the denuoement for Ramses and Nefret. Barbara Mertz does have some books out about Egyptian history. She wrote them in her professional capacity. I have not read them yet but I have heard they are good if you are interested. I would recomend The Wings of the Falcon as a Barbara Michaels first for those of you who haven't read her yet. ERIKA

Sarah Davies - 05:10am May 27, 1999 PST(#51 of 227)

Hi there... first post. I've been an EP fan for about 8 years, but until recently I've only been able to get hold of a few of her books through the public library. Can you believe that they're not stocked in *any* bookstores in England?? Thank heaven for is all I can say... Anyway, one very large credit card bill later, I've just finished "The Ape That Guards the Balance". I love the Manuscript H idea - apparently EP is writing a kind of "quartet" focusing on the younger Emersons, of which "Falcon at the Portal" is the third. I've heard that in the final book of the quartet, currently being written, all will be resolved... By the way, does anyone else think that Sethos bears some resemblance to Sir John of the Vicky Bliss books? Perhaps that's where the connection between the two series lies...

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Books & Authors  / List of Authors  / List of Authors P - R  / Peters, Elizabeth

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