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Kellerman, Jonathan
Jonathan Kellerman The Conspiracy Club
The Conspiracy Club
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Attention all Jonathan Kellerman fans! You can read "The Things We Do For Love", a short story available at Mystery Net's Crime Meets Love website.

The Things We Do For Love by Jonathan Kellerman

Jonathan Kellerman is one of the world's most popular authors. He has brought his expertise as a clinical psychologist to numerous bestselling tales of suspense (which have been translated into two dozen languages), including the Alex Delaware novels; The Butcher's Theater, a story of serial killing in Jerusalem; and Billy Straight, featuring Hollywood homicide detective Petra Connor. He is also the author of numerous essays, short stories, and scientific articles, two children's books, and three volumes of psychology, including Savage Spawn: Reflections on Violent Children. He has won the Goldwyn, Edgar, and Anthony awards, and has been nominated for a Shamus Award. He and his wife, the novelist Faye Kellerman, have four children. Visit Mystery Net's Jonathan Kellerman website:

Jonathan Kellerman

Post your comments and discuss the characters and plot of Jonathan Kellerman's new novel: The Conspiracy Club.

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sarah calfa - 07:52pm Jan 26, 2005 PST(#196 of 208)

that book was so good i couldnt put it down

carleen ozturkmen - 09:02am Feb 19, 2005 PST(#197 of 208)

Does anyone know when a new alex delaware novel will be released? The last one I have is therapy

Marilyn McClure - 06:13am Feb 24, 2005 PST(#198 of 208)
"Bloom Where You Are Planted"

Carleen, How about Twisted, I didn't read it so not sure if it is an AD novel or not I know it feature Petra. MMc

Edwina Crutchley - 06:57pm Mar 6, 2005 PST(#199 of 208)

Twisted is a Petra Connor book I haven't read it yet. I'm reading the Double Homicide Book and it's great. I only recently became a FK fan and I have read all of JK and FK books out of order. Because I get them at the library and I just take them as I can get them. But I'm a devoted fan. Like with my other favorite authors I read everything they write. I don't really care for Robin she was part of the core characters but she was always so distant not that Allison is hitting on a whole lot either. But I don't think Alex is destined to have a soul mate his crime solving is his soul mate. If something were to happen to Milo I would be extremely upset and quit reading JK all together. Thanks for reading my thoughts hope to talk with ya soon.

Jorge Enriquez - 11:48am Apr 12, 2005 PST(#200 of 208)

What book was robin removed? The lastest I read is the murder book, I only read what the library has and i live in a small town. I would have to agree and say that she shouldn't be romoved to me she's as main a character as milo.

Jorge Enriquez - 11:54am Apr 12, 2005 PST(#201 of 208)

The clinic deals with the murder of a young pyschologist, she was famous and very controversial, Alex finds out she had a secret life and she wasn't all that seemed, which leads to the cause of her death and the death of others. Its a great book I would definately recomend it>

Hope you read it and enjoy

Jorge Enriquez - 11:55am Apr 12, 2005 PST(#202 of 208)

Just cheked out the web, only book by either kellerman left in this library i hop you guys are wrong about it

kirsten b - 04:30pm Jun 22, 2005 PST(#203 of 208)

Currently reading "Rage" another Delaware book. I like this one much more than some of his other recent books. I think its because he has gotten back to his roots and is working on a "child" case instead of just a random adult crime thing. His books about the kids are much better.

heykid99 - 04:13pm Jul 21, 2005 PST(#204 of 208)

In what book did Robin and Alex break-up. I thought I read them all. I started reading Bad Love and got so confused. I have read most except: Rage, Billy Straight, and The Butcher's Theatre (boring). I miss Robin.

karen l. elpedez - 06:32pm Dec 9, 2005 PST(#205 of 208)

love reading jonathan kellerman's novels. he's not just another suspense writer, he owns the genre!i love "THE CLINIC." it has a deep story.once you read his works, you'll be wanting for more. i like alex delaware's character. robin is lovely. i hope her character will not be deleted. thei romance is pretty cute and is realistic.

Michael Cahill - 12:40pm Mar 25, 2006 PST(#206 of 208)

I've read Twisted. I really like Petra Connor and would like to see her work with Milo and Alex. I'd also like to see Billy Straight featured again. I'm expecting Billy and Isaac to get more involved with some of Petra's cases. I'm hoping Robin hasn't been completely written out but like Alex's current situation.

Vasanthi Gaitonde - 07:57pm Nov 20, 2007 PST(#207 of 208)

Just finished reading Rage , found the ending very abrupt, no closure. Help!!!!

Fran Hinkel - 03:27am Dec 29, 2007 PST(#208 of 208)
You can check out anytime you like...but you can never leave!

No one else here read Rage to help Vasanthi out?

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Books & Authors  / List of Authors  / List of Authors J - L  / Kellerman, Jonathan

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