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Kellerman, Faye

Faye Kellerman Books

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Faye Kellerman added a spin on her police procedural series by having her detective marry an orthodox jew.

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sheila m. bent. - 02:44pm Jul 17, 2004 PST(#101 of 110)

John, as I sat reading past messages I thought, this guy's got the gift!If you and the lady who also wrote were to put your heads together, Well, you might just write a bestseller! to date I have not read any JK, but will give them a try.

John DeGraphenreed - 05:43am Jul 18, 2004 PST(#102 of 110)
"A weed is a plant whose virtues have not yet been realized"

Its funny you should mention that, because that's exactly what I did do. Poster Marilyn and I kept stating our positions on how and/or whether the relationship could turn in the direction we wanted - so on a lark, I wrote a few chapters to show how it could be done. She's reading them now. The jury is still out.

Its probably obvious that I'm a frustrated and unpublished writer (in my spare moments) and I find it quite easy to take JK's work and spin off from there. I can take JK's or FK's works and use it as a backdrop to show the different directions the characters could go in, precisely because they've already provided me with so much character history. But JK's career as a psychologist probably affords him enumerable storylines and other grist for the mill. And FK's use of Jewish history and ritual lays the ground work for Peter's dual perspective as a detective and is what makes this murder/mystery series so unique. I'd settle for a tepid and barely-read seller!!! But I'll keep plugging away. Lord knows there's plenty of crapola out there, maybe I can piece them all together one day and end up with a book!


sheila m. bent. - 01:09pm Jul 18, 2004 PST(#103 of 110)

No maybe one day,you must use your gift and do it,not later but NOW. why waste time?SHEILA.

Chris Kozak - 05:47am Aug 18, 2004 PST(#104 of 110)

Meet Faye and Jonathan Kellerman!

The Toledo-Lucas County Public Library's Authors! Authors! program presents the “royal couple of crime fiction” for a rare appearance on Tuesday, September 28, at the Stranahan Theater Great Hall, 4645 Heatherdowns Boulevard, in Toledo, Ohio. The program begins at 7 p.m. Tickets are $8 per person. The kellerman's will speak for approximately an hour, followed by a short question and answer session. Following the program, they will be available to sign copies of their books.

For more information please call 419-259-5381.

Fran Hinkel - 07:17am Oct 23, 2004 PST(#105 of 110)
You can check out anytime you like...but you can never leave!

Straight Into Darkness has not been published yet. I have seen two release dates - one just says 2005, but the other says it will be published by Headline Book Publishing with a release date of February 6, 2006

CFerg - 09:03am May 21, 2005 PST(#106 of 110)

I just finished reading Day of Atonement. Faye Kellerman used the Lord's name in vane throught the book. I didn't think this was necessary to get the message across.

Amy Pohl - 05:46am Jul 15, 2005 PST(#107 of 110)

I am trying to find the order in which I should read Faye Kellerman books. Can someone help me? I can't find a website like her husbands that provides a list!


Nemesis - 01:17am Jul 16, 2005 PST(#108 of 110)
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger

Amy, her mystery books in chronological order are:
The Ritual Bath
Sacred and Profane
Milk and Honey
Day of Atonement
False Prophet
Grievous Sin
Prayers for the Dead
Serpent's Tooth
Moon Music
Jupiter's Bones
The Forgotten
Stone Kiss
Street Dreams
and the latest, Double Homicide (with husband Jonathan)

She has also written The Quality of Mercy , which is quite different in style and refers to the Shakespearean era. I hope this list helps..

Amy Hicks - 10:47am Mar 5, 2008 PST(#109 of 110)

I just finished reading "The Burnt House" and it is one of Ms.Kellerman's best,but I'm always disapointed when I read something that hasn't been researched throughly. In this book it's stated that Rina and Peter Decker's daughter has red hair "thanks to her father's DNA" red hair is a recessive gene so that means that bothparents have to have red hair somewhere in their family genes otherwise it's impossible to have a red haired childI would like to get that message to her but I can find no available E- mail address.

Fran Hinkel - 03:04am May 17, 2008 PST(#110 of 110)
You can check out anytime you like...but you can never leave!

Here is her website, Amy:

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Books & Authors  / List of Authors  / List of Authors J - L  / Kellerman, Faye

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