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Trocheck, Kathy Hogan

Kathy Hohan Trocheck Books

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Author of the Truman Kicklighter series. Trocheck brings out another juicy puzzle in her new mystery, Irish Eyes.
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Have you read Crash Course?
Have you read her previous mysteries?
What did you enjoy most?
Have questions about Kathy Hogan Trocheck's work?

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Lynn Stewart - 07:00pm Nov 23, 1998 PST(#5 of 17)

Just read her latest (Midnight Clear)House Mouse denizens don't play too big a role, but Callahan's family figures prominently. Since I'm from Georgia, I really enjoy all the references to Atlanta, but also find Callahan eminently likeable.

mary f. garrity - 09:51pm Dec 20, 1998 PST(#6 of 17)

kathy, since my married name is garrity, I have read and enjoyed all of your books. . I have just finished STRANGE BREW AND MIDNIGHT CLEAR. I think your books would make a great tv series for delta burke with betty white as Edna. What do you think? Please write some more books soon.

Cynthia R. Reese - 10:28am Jan 2, 1999 PST(#7 of 17)

Trocheck won my heart when she wrote about Atlanta with the knowledge of someone who had travelled the same streets as I had. I thought it was great that she made the city real and realistic, and that it couldn't get any better than that.

But then in subsequent novels, she made references to small towns like Lyon, GA and Swainsboro, down around my neck of the woods. Usually folks from Atlanta don't seem to realize the state exists South of Macon! Keep up the good work, Trocheck

mvaughn - 03:11pm Jan 23, 1999 PST(#8 of 17)

I have read all the "Callahan Garrity" books. It is really refreshing to read about a PI that has to pull on rubber gloves and clean houses and that still lives with her mom. I tried one of the "Truman K." books but just could not get into them.

April Acton - 09:42pm Jul 19, 1999 PST(#9 of 17)

I too couldn't get into the Truman books, but love the Callahan books. Edna is the greatest. I'd like to read more about her relationship with Mac. That's been on the back burner in the last couple of books I've read. Either dump him, or use him in the story, that's what I say.

Peche LaPort - 08:52pm Jul 27, 1999 PST(#10 of 17)

I'm amazed at how few messages exist for Kathy Hogan Trocheck. I learned of her earlier this year on Mysterynet and have enjoyed her stories ever since! I've only read 1 T. Kicklighter book (while waiting for the Midnight Clear I ordered), Lickety-Split. It was great!

The Callahan Garrity's are my favorite though. I, a Northerner, made a pitcher of strawberry kiwi iced-tea last Saturday because "To Live & Die in Dixie" inspired me to!!

I only ask one thing, PLEASE let Callahan keep her gun at least once. PLEASE? Pretty please??

claire Verduin - 05:05pm Aug 24, 1999 PST(#11 of 17)

I like both "House Mouse" Callahan and Kicklighter. Maybe I respond to Kicklighter because I too am doesn't quit when you retire!

Jean Watkins - 03:52pm May 24, 2000 PST(#12 of 17)

Trocheck is definitely one of the best, although I do wish she'd put more of the House Mouse characters' crazy activities into her two latest books. I am reading "Irish Eyes" (the latest) now and there is definitely not as much interplay among the House Mouse gang as in previous ones. But she's still one of my personal favorites.

Gwendolyn Chapman - 10:06am Jan 18, 2002 PST(#13 of 17)

I have just been introduced to the Callahan series. I am now reading Irish Eyes, and I have read all the others in publication order. I love them all. Is there another Callahan book looming in the very near future?

natalie sledge - 07:46am Jan 27, 2003 PST(#14 of 17)

I am just trying to find out if there are anymore Callahan books coming out soon.

Sandy Knighton - 05:03pm Mar 29, 2004 PST(#15 of 17)

As one of the very few Native Atlantans still living in Atlanta, I absolutely love the Callahan Garrity mysteries! As soon as I discovered them, I purchased all of them and read them back to back. I love all the references to the city of Atlanta as well as mentions of other cities in Georgia. It is refreshing to read books that are set in places other than New York City and LA! There are other cities in the US!

aloma martin - 08:15am Aug 25, 2006 PST(#16 of 17)

I read all the time & can't get enough or K.H.T. I've read all 10 books. When will there be more? Not remembering Kicklighter!

sysop - 05:58am Nov 5, 2007 PST(#17 of 17)

There is a new title, "Deep Dish" in the works!

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Books & Authors  / List of Authors  / List of Authors S - T  / Trocheck, Kathy Hogan

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