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Granger, Ann
Mary Jane Spain - 02:10pm Jun 27, 1998 PST

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Ann Granger, a former British Embassy employee for several years, has developed a series based on Superintendent Alan Markby and his girlfriend, civil servant Meredith Mitchell, who live in a small English village. Her books are atmospheric, providing cultural and historical background information, that increase the pleasure of trying to solve the cleverly written mystery. She has written eleven books to date which include: Say It With Poison; A Season for Murder; Cold in the Earth; Murder Among Us; Where Old Bones Lie; A fine Place For Death; Flowers for His Funeral; Candle for a Corpse; A Touch of Mortality; A Word After Dying and Call the Dead Again. She has also developed another series featuring Fran Varady, a young private eye surviving on her wits in inner city London. The Mitchell books are best read in order to obtain the most of the character development, but each mystery can stand on its own.

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Jan Baybusky - 07:19pm Sep 6, 1998 PST(#1 of 5)

I have been a fan of this series since I found the very first book. As soon as I finish one, I can't wait for the next one to come out. I enjoy the relationship between the two and watching it grow and change. It really adds to the stories. Glad to find someone else who enjoys this series!

Mary Jane Spain - 05:30pm Nov 24, 1998 PST(#2 of 5)

Her newest book is called RUNNING SCARED and is coming out this month (November) in England. I have ordered a copy from division, which I just discovered. Will let you know how it is. If you like Ann Granger, try Dorothy Simpson, Peter Robinson, M.C. Beaton...all have continuing series set in England. Simpson is set in Kent, Robinson in Yorkshire and Beaton in Scotland (and another one in the Cotswolds).

Joan Niedermayer - 03:34pm Jun 28, 2000 PST(#3 of 5)

I was hoping someone could list the order in which the titles of the Fran Varady series were written, as well as the order of the Mitchell series. I would like to start at the beginning of the series' and work my way through in the order that they were written.

Thanks so much!

Rik Shepherd. - 04:07pm Jun 28, 2000 PST(#4 of 5)
Never hire a ferret to do a weasel's job

Joan - The Fran Varady series is

Asking for Trouble
Keeping Bad Company
Running Scared

I'm going to have to check to see if they've listed the M&M books in the right order in the Varady books, but it looks like the first is 'Say It With Poison'.

Hope that helps :o)

Fran Hinkel - 09:22am Jul 6, 2000 PST(#5 of 5)
You can check out anytime you like...but you can never leave!

Joan, the M&M series:

1 - Say it with Poison (1991)
2 - A Season for Murder (1992)
3 - Cold in the Earth (1992)
4 - Murder Among Us (1992)
5 - Where Old Bones Lie (1993)
6 - A Fine Place for Death (1994)
7 - Flowers for His Funeral (1994)
8 - Candle for a Corpse (1995)
9 - A Touch of Mortality (1996)
10 - A Word After Dying (1996)
11 - Call the Dead Again (1998)
12 - Beneath These Stones (2000)

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Books & Authors  / List of Authors  / List of Authors G - I  / Granger, Ann

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