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Myers, Tamar

Tamar Myers Books

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Tamar Myers writes two popular series: Pennsylvania Dutch series and Antiquarian series. The Antiquarian series features Abigail Timberlake, antique dealer and owner of Charlotte, North Carolina's Den of Antiquity, who relies on her knowledge and savvy to authenticate the facts from the fakes when it comes to either curios or people. Titles in this series include: Estate of Mind; The Ming and I and Baroque and Desperate.

The Pennsylvania Dutch series features Magdalena Yoder, the no-nonsense owner of PennDutch Inn. Series titles include: Too Many Crooks Spoil the Broth; Between a Wok and a Hard Place; No Use Dying Over Spilled Milk and Play It Again Spam.

Please discuss her work below.

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Sandy Schoener - 06:01pm Jan 28, 2001 PST(#23 of 33)

After meeting Tamar at the Salem Township Public Library years ago, I was thrilled to discover she is now an outstanding author. Also, being of Yoder ancestory, I would like to send my regards to Tamar. Does anyone have her address?

phillip hart - 05:08pm Jun 22, 2001 PST(#24 of 33)

Hey tamar this is a message for your . I dont know if u remember me or not but its been a wile.I was looking to get intouch with someone very special to me.Its been a long time since i have talked to her but i would like to see how she is doing.I guess u are wondering who i am and whom im talking about.Well this is phillip and im talking about dafna.Its been such a long time and i was wondering if she had a email address of something.I see u have been mooving up in the world and thats great.Well i hope u get this and u can get back in touch with me . Hope the rest of the family is dooing ok.THANKS

robyn clark - 05:01pm Jul 11, 2001 PST(#25 of 33)

I've read most of her books so far.My fav are overweight charaters.If you know of any to write me

Jackie Anderson - 10:02pm Sep 2, 2001 PST(#26 of 33)

Tamar Myers is my favorit author, second only to the late Rex Stout (Nero Wolfe). Only a great author can successfully mix humor, mystery, and great recipes. I cannot imagine how she manages to write two different character mysteries and come up with so many interesting characters and keep it so humorous and flowing. I read them too fast and wish she could write as fast as I read.

JosephineLocklair - 08:25am Nov 30, 2001 PST(#27 of 33)

Last Tuesday I heard Tamar Myers speak on "the secret life of a mystery writer" and she was delightful and hilariously funny. Her humor is so refreshing. I went out immediately and bought two of her books. The first in each series. I have now read one and started the second. I am fortunate to live only a few miles from her. Which by the way is now in Charleston, S. C., to which scene I understand she will be switching her Den of Antiquity series. Another funny thing: when she was introduced it was as the author of the "den of iniquity" series. The audience cracked up! I look forward to further humorous reads. Isn't that what we all need now after 9/11.

elaine dyche - 01:50pm Apr 7, 2002 PST(#28 of 33)

Am new to these books, but am enjoying them thoroughly. We live only about 1+hrs. from Bedford,PA and have friends who have dealt in antiques in Bedford. My one comment is that the bad guys should stay away from guns unless Ms. Meyers gets some help as to what's real and what's Almost all my family enjoys target shooting and so we have a bit of knowledge (about some things any how..more smiles). In "So Faux, So Good" (sorry, only quotes, no underlining), Peggy has "a double-action automatic" with a safety. A double action is one automatic is another (and illegal in most places). The automatic would have a safety, a double action does not. Not really meaning to be picky. It's just that for some reason or other, I seem to notice little flaws in books and videos. Of course, I also lose my shopping list frequently!!! Smile...and laughter as we continue to read and enjoy Tamara Meyers!!!!

Stacey Bates - 06:30pm Apr 22, 2002 PST(#29 of 33)

I am also a big fan of Tamar Myers. I am using her book for a school book report.I am trying to find some info on her (like a web page *email adress*, etc.)and haven't been able to. This is due very soon so if you happen to find one email me, PLEASE!! My email adress is

Debra J. Wilson - 01:15pm May 14, 2002 PST(#30 of 33)

My mother and I love these books. I read the Penn Dutch books in order, but I am have a problem getting the den of anquit group in order can someone please help. I think I started the wrong one. HELP I love to read them in order it makes it feel like an on going story :)

Thanks Debra

Sandra Lynn - 02:29pm May 28, 2002 PST(#31 of 33)

I am a new fan of Tamar Myers.I look forward to more reading.She is funny with just the right touch of "wicked".Her books are definately one sitting reads.

betsy O'shea - 06:33am Jun 4, 2002 PST(#32 of 33)

I love her these books! But I have a question. Has anyone noticed how often Mag gets knocked out? I'm not onto timid heroines so it's not a complaint. While reading Nancy Drew I noticed that she was knocked out a whole bunch. And it pooped out at me after reading Tamar's mysteries. Is there a connection here? Whoa! Is Mag Nancy having grown up?

carolyn koester - 02:51pm Jun 9, 2002 PST(#33 of 33)

I just started reading Tamars books about a year ago both seriers, and I CANT get enough of them I alawy look for them every time I go to the book store YOU are my writer. keep up the good work, your fan.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Books & Authors  / List of Authors  / List of Authors M - O  / Myers, Tamar

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