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Sherman, Beth

Beth Shermant Books

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Beth Sherman is a writer and editor based in New York City. She writes a bi-weekly column, "Design and Decor," for Newsday that gives decorating tips and home-related advice.

Her first novel, Dead Man's Float introduces ghost-writer, Anne Hardaway and features Jersey shore locales. Just released on June 8, 1999 is Death at High Tide.

Discuss her mysteries below.

Carlo Delgado - 02:26pm Jun 18, 1999 PST(#1 of 5)

I'm from Jersey and it's a pleasure to read these novels that take place and mention so many locales familiar to me.

Marc Zisselman - 01:37pm Oct 14, 1999 PST(#2 of 5)

Beth-I very much enjoyed your books. Its great to seehow you have successfully pursuedyour writing all the way from Daytime TV.

Deborah - 09:12am Jun 26, 2000 PST(#3 of 5)

Beth, I just started reading your books, I've finished, Death's a Beach and I'm almost finished with Dead Mans'Float. I think that your wonderful!! I can't put them down. I'm from the Jersey shore so it is really great to read about areas that I'm familar with. Good luck to you!!

Yvonne Tiedemann - 03:58pm Mar 21, 2001 PST(#4 of 5)

I'm currently reading Dead Man's Float and I love it. (I have a home in Ocean Grove) I'm just wondering why the names of so many locales are legitimate, yet Ocean Grove and Asbury Park names have been changed?

Lyne Clark - 06:28pm Aug 8, 2001 PST(#5 of 5)

Beth--Did I lose part of Death's a Beach? What happened to the tape? I hate to be left hanging--What did Anne say under hypnosis? Love all four books!

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Books & Authors  / List of Authors  / List of Authors S - T  / Sherman, Beth

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