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Lippman, Laura

Laura Lippman Books

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Laura Lippman has been a reporter for 14 years; the last six as a feature writer at the Baltimore Sun. She lives in Baltimore, Maryland, as does her character, Tess Monaghan. Her mysteries include Baltimore Blues, Charm City, Butcher's Hill, and her latest, In Big Trouble.

Please discuss her work below.

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a faye fan - 07:42am Jul 3, 2001 PST(#8 of 12)

how weird. there is a ton of text on this page: that is taken from a book not written by laura lippman. the text is from "the ritual bath" by faye kellerman. it shouldn't be showing up on that page at all. please remove it.

this is the text by faye kellerman:

THE KEY TO A GOOD POTATO KUGEL IS GOOD POTA toes, " Sarah Libba shouted over the noise of the blow dryer. "Thekey to a great potato kugel is the amount of oil. You have to usejust enough oil to make the batter moist, plus a little excess toleak out around the cake pan and fry the edges to make the wholedung nice and crisp without being too greasy. " Rina nodded and folded a towel. If anyone would know how to cook apotato kugel, it was Sarah Libba. The woman could roast a shoe andturn it into a delicacy. But tonight Rina was too fatigued to listenwith a full car. It was already close to ten o'clock, and she stillhad to clean the mikvah, then grade thirty papers. It had been a busy evening because of the bride. A lot of to-do,hand-holding, and explaining. The young girl had been very nervous,but who wouldn't be about marriage? Rivki was barely seventeen withlittle knowledge of the world around her. Sheltered and exquisitelyshy, she'd gotten engaged to Baruch after three dates. But Rinathought it was a good match. Baruch was a good student and kind andvery patient. He'd never once lost his temper while teaching Shmuelhow to ride a two-wheeler. He'd be calm Yet encouraging, Rinadecided, and it wouldn't be long before Rivki knew the ropes justlike the rest of them. a Sarah shut off the dryer, and the motor belched a final wheeze.Fluffing up her close-cropped hair, she sighed and placed a wig atopher head. The nylon tresses were ebony and long, falling past SarahLibba's slender shoulders. She was a pretty woman with wide browneyes that lit up a round, friendly face. And short, not more thanfive feet, with a slim figure that belied the fact that she'd bornefour children. Meticulous in dress and habit, she workedmethodically, combing and styling the artificial black strands. "Here," Rina said. "Let me help you with the back." Sarah smiled."Know what inspired me to buy this shaytel?" Rina shook her head. "Your hair, Rina, " said Sarah. "It's getting so long." "I know.Chana's already mentioned it to me." "Are you going to cut it?" "Probably." "Not too short I hope." Rina shrugged. Her hair was one of her best features. Her mother hadraised a commotion when she'd announced her plans to cover it aftermarriage. Of all the religious obligations that Rina had decided totake on, the covering of her hair was the one that displeased hermother the most. But she forged ahead over her mother's protests,clipped her hair short, and hid it under a wig or scarf. Now, ofcourse, the point was moot. Working quickly and with self-assurance, Rina turned the wig into afashionable style. Sarah Libba craned her neck to see the back inthe mirror, then smiled. "It's lovely," she said, patting Rina's hand. "I've got a lot to work with," said Rina. "It's a good shaytel. "It should be," Sarah said. "It cost nearly three hundred dollars,and that's for only twenty percent human hair. "You'd never know." The other woman frowned "Don't cut your hair short, Rina, despite what Chana tells you. Shehas a load of advice for everyone but herself. We had the familyover for Shabbos and her lads were monsters. They broke Chaim's Transformer and do you think sheoffered a word of apology?" "Nothing, huh." "Nothing! The boys are vilde chayas, and the girls aren't muchbetter. For someone who runs everyone else's life, she sure doesn'tdo too well with her own." Rina said nothing. She wasn't much of a gossip, not only because ofthe strict prohibitions against it, but because she found itpersonally distasteful She preferred to keep her opinions toherself. Sarah didn't prolong the one-way conversation. She stood up, walkedover to the full-length mirror, and preened. "This time alone is my only respite," she said. "It makes me feelhuman again." Rina nodded sympathetically. "The kids will probably all be up when I get home," the tiny womansighed. "And Zvi is learning late tonight.... I think I'll walk homevery slowly. Enjoy the fresh air." "That's a good idea," Rina said, smiling. Sarah trudged to the door, turned the knob, straightened her stance,and left. Alone at last, Rina stood up, stretched, and glanced at her watchagain. Her own boys were still at the Computer Club. Steve wouldwalk them home to a waiting baby-sitter so there was no need to rushShe could take her time. Removing her shoes, she rubbed her feet,slipped them into knitted socks and shuffled along the gleamingwhite tile. Loaded down with a bucket full of soapy water, a handfulof rags, and a pail of supplies, she entered the hallway leading tothe two bathrooms. The first one had been used by Sarah Libba, who'd left it neat ando

Margaret Hepper - 10:39pm Sep 10, 2001 PST(#9 of 12)


This is Margaret Hepper from your Shepard days at Northwestern. I'm embarrassed to admit that it took People Magazine's "Best and Worst Dressed" issue to clue me into your fab mystery writing career. I saw your picture, screamed and immediately called John Fiorenza.

I'm in Hoboken, NJ, along with Michael Evers and Sarah Partridge. Very small world. I take the train to D.C., so maybe we can get together and catch up. I'm going to try and find your e-mail address, in case you don't look at this for six months.

Bye for now-

Fran Hinkel - 07:48am Jul 12, 2004 PST(#10 of 12)
You can check out anytime you like...but you can never leave!

Newest Tess Monaghan mystery: By a Spider's Thread

When furrier Mark Rubin hires Tess to find his missing wife and three children, she must race to save this broken family before an ancient conflict explodes into violence.

Shalser - 02:53am Jan 6, 2008 PST(#11 of 12)

If you're a fan you should check out her "video tour" of some of her favorite Baltimore locales...

kirsten b - 01:41pm Nov 15, 2011 PST(#12 of 12)

I have been reading these books for a few months. I am up to By a Spider's Thread. They are all good books. I love it when they author keeps a main character. You can watch them grow. All of her mysteries are different.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Books & Authors  / List of Authors  / List of Authors J - L  / Lippman, Laura

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