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Cooper, Susan Rogers

Susan Cooper Rogers Books

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Cooper is the author of three popular mystery series. The first features Prophesy County, Oklahoma's county sheriff Milt Kovak. Titles in that series include: Chasing Away the Devil, Dead Moon on the Rise and Doctors and Lawyers and Such.

The second series features mother of three, romance writer and amateur detective E. J. Pugh. Titles in that series include: Hickory Dickory Stalk; Home Again Home Again; One, Two, What Did Daddy Do?; There Was a Little Girl; A Crooked Little House and Not in My Backyard.

The third series features stand-up comic, Kimmey Kruse, who is featured in Funny as a Dead Comic, Death of a Stand Up Comic and Funny as a Dead Relative.

Discuss her mysteries below.

Terri Pistil - 10:39am Nov 2, 1999 PST(#1 of 6)

These books are light-hearted and fun to read-- can't wait to pick up the latest one!

Ellen Ellis - 11:17am Jan 22, 2000 PST(#2 of 6)

I really enjoy Susan Rogers Cooper, i have read most all of her books. I first discovered her books when i readher Milt Kovak books then i couldn't find them, then i saw her E.J. Pugh books and have read all of them i hope they never dissappear like her Kovak books. I love these kind of books and enjoyed the last one "Not in My Backyard" I would really like to know when her books are coming out so i don't miss them. I never knew how Kovak ended up. I don't want to lose Pugh. I am a very big fan of Coopers.

Joe Burkholder - 04:03pm Aug 28, 2001 PST(#3 of 6)

I wish Avon would publish the last two Milt Kovacs and the three Kimmie Kruses (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) Both are great series and would make a lot of readers very happy...

Marilyn Younger - 11:35pm Oct 6, 2001 PST(#4 of 6)

I have just discovered Susan Rogers Cooper Books. Wow! Love them, love them, love, them. Wish I could find the Milt Kovak and Kimmey Kruse series. Oh she is such a great writer. I would love to find any books by her. I have read all the EJ Pugh books and crave for More!!

Fran Hinkel - 07:43am Aug 23, 2002 PST(#5 of 6)
You can check out anytime you like...but you can never leave!

"Lying Wonders" due out December 4, 2002.

Joe Chernicoff - 07:45pm Feb 7, 2003 PST(#6 of 6)

Just read Susan Rogers Cooper's "Lying Wonders" - great characters and great and smooth writing. I'm looking forward to reading more of Cooper's work.

But, there's an error on page 132 - 8/24/58 is not a Leo - just missed by a couple of days ("I knew he was a Leo").

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Books & Authors  / List of Authors  / List of Authors C - D  / Cooper, Susan Rogers

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