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The Movies of Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock (1899-1980), auteur, showman and famed director, had a career spanning five decades and over 50 films. Over 70 years after his first film, his name is still synonymous with suspense. Discover and discuss the Master of Suspense with other MysteryNet community members.

Discuss Alfred Hitchcock Presents: The TV Series.

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gavinlockey - 06:36am Dec 4, 2007 PST(#523 of 529)


I'm unsure "lil Belle" if Alfred went so far as painting but am aware that he would sketch sets for set designers and costumes for costumers. What he did do was collect artworks...notably a number of Walter Sickert's works (more recently this artist has been accused by an Amreican crime writer "Patricia Cornwell" as the original "Jack the Ripper".

gavinlockey - 06:40am Dec 4, 2007 PST(#524 of 529)

Note to Mr Marlowe

Whilst your comment that Alfred Hitchcock was locked up by the police on a suggestion of his father may indeed be is not a fact. Hitchcock told this anecdote a number of times and it must indeed have a lot of truth to it..but there is no evidence to support the claim, this must be remembered.

Haro Girl - 06:56pm Apr 6, 2008 PST(#525 of 529)

Hi I was hoping that someone, anyone here can help me find the name of a particular Alfred Hitchcock film. All I can remember from it is a flashback scene of the hero as a child. He is sliding down a banister outside an apartment of some sorts. We only see his feet. At the end of the banster, we see another child (his brother?). As the child reaches the bottom, his feet hit the other and pushes him off and ONTO a spiked fence.

Please tell me, which film is this?

Mauzd - 05:41pm Jan 24, 2009 PST(#526 of 529)

Hi I need some help Can any one tell me if this movie was a Hitchcock and possibly the name of it. a woman holds a man hostage in a bedroom & tortures him she is a nutter, she smashes his legs and doesn't let him out, she is really sadistic. Thanks mauzd

John Mathews - 08:45am Feb 4, 2009 PST(#527 of 529)

Replies to Haro Girl and Mauzd:

  • The Hitchcock film with the banister flashback is SPELLBOUND.

  • The sadistic hostage situation is from MISERY, a Stephen King adaptation, not a Hitchcock film.

    Cheers, John

  • ForestForestGump - 08:49am Nov 12, 2012 PST(#528 of 529)

    A website that has random information on Hitchcock that you might find useful (or anyone else looking for this type of thing) is http://w

    Hope that helps.

    peter.reid - 06:12am Jan 17, 2014 PST(#529 of 529)

    alfred hitchcock.movies.classic.the best.pysco.birds.over 50 films.

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     [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Greats  / Alfred Hitchcock  / The Movies of Alfred Hitchcock

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