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Fatal Illusion: CD-ROM
Clue Chronicles
Join your favorite Clue characters in 2 all new adventures

You've been invited to a very special New Year's Eve party. Join your favorite characters from Clue-- and a few surprising new ones-- at the bizarre castle stronghold of reclusive millionaire, Ian Masque. Unravel a murder set in a shadowy world of politics, wealth, and the supernatural. Discuss Episode 1 of the Clue Chronicles Mystery Series with fans and visitors here! Fatal Illusion: The new interactive mystery adventure CD-ROM from Clue.
Please Note: Anyone looking for help: Many of the same questions have been asked and answered in this discussion. Before posting about where you are stuck, please use the Search Button and type in the key words - such as "cable car". This should bring up a list of every post where the cable car is mentioned. Your answer may already be here.

The patch for this game is still available. Hasbro Interactive was taken over by another company in 2001. You can get it at: this link. Thanks ~Fran

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Barb Stobie - 10:28pm Nov 18, 1999 PST(#96 of 4060)

Thank you so much Skirvin. Finished game with your help on the hypnosis thing.

Jaime Raimo - 06:22am Nov 19, 1999 PST(#97 of 4060)

Skirvin thank you so much for answering my question. I am glad that I have some help here. I started getting so fustratated that I thought that i was going to return the game. HA HA. Anyway, thank you again. Hopefully I won't need much more help, but if I do you better believe I will be back. I am gonna try it now, hopefully it works. Thanks again.

kristine marie - 08:29am Nov 19, 1999 PST(#98 of 4060)

just finished the game. thanks for the help re: the star pattern. did anyone experience alternative endings to the Green/Masque struggle? unfortunately, i didn't save the game prior to cutting the bomb wires, but was wondering if the order of cutting was in fact significant. overall, the game was fun but frustrating. it kept crashing, was too slow in loading and saving, and there was apparently a whole bit about Scarlett faking her death that I missed. Oh well....

Nosaj - 12:02pm Nov 19, 1999 PST(#99 of 4060)

I appreciate your help, Felicia, but I already opened the puzzle box with the artifact and I'm still stuck. What do I do?

Nosaj - 12:05pm Nov 19, 1999 PST(#100 of 4060)

Could someone please give me a DETAILED way of how to get into the wheelhouse?

Nosaj - 12:22pm Nov 19, 1999 PST(#101 of 4060)

When can you first talk to Sabata? (And I don't mean show him the magic trick!)

Deboran D - 06:16pm Nov 19, 1999 PST(#102 of 4060)

I tried the pendant on Plum and Kell, but hadn't figured out how to use it. When I went back to try again, the pendant was gone from my inventory! What do I do now?

ALSO -- need a hint on Mustard's rebus.

Danny A - 12:30am Nov 20, 1999 PST(#103 of 4060)

HELP!!! I have gotten all the jewels save Peacock's. I can't seem to get a handel on how to get to those blue buttons..think I need detailed help I would appreciate any help I can get I am going crazy!! LOL

Melissa N. - 02:24pm Nov 20, 1999 PST(#104 of 4060)

I am on the Rhine Maiden. I have just opened the door with the combination. I found a gear in a chest. Now I want to go to the room at the top of the stairs. I can't seem to open it with or with out the gear. I also want to find Mr. Green. I think that's where he is. Please Help

Debbie Hoffren - 04:39pm Nov 20, 1999 PST(#105 of 4060)

I have 5 riddles and got jewels for White, Peacock, and Scarlet. I keep reading about the iron maiden and a star. Where is this? I can't seem to do anything. Also, where does the green riddle take place?

That marble puzzle was a bear. I got it finally, and the game locked up just as the jewel went into my inventory. I had to do it over.

Someone please help me.

skirvin - 06:12pm Nov 20, 1999 PST(#106 of 4060)

nosaj & melissa, you have 3 artifacts to use with the puzzle box. use them like keys to open each section. the last section will give you a gear that opens the door. also, sabata doesnt say what he does say pay attention to!

debran, you have to get the pendant swinging real good, then click once and let it do its may take a few tries to get the hang of it but its really not that difficult. couldnt imagine where yours went.....maybe you have too many items in inventory and they are not all showing, click on the arrows on each end to be sure its not there.

blythe & danny, your object is to get the walls on the far right to do this by putting your marble in different holes throughout the rest of the maze. when you get the walls down, go into the holes on that side, which will then get you into the sections with the blue buttons. just pay close attention to which holes you go into, and where you come out, there is a pattern to it.

debbie, the iron maiden is on the left hand side after you come out of the room w/ plum. green is in the same room w/ peacock, interview him and he should tell you his riddle.

good luck to you all, you are doing great..even with getting, if you need the "spoiler" then just post! 8-)

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Games & Puzzles  / Clue Chronicles  / Fatal Illusion: CD-ROM

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