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Francis, Dick

Dick Francis Books

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Dick Francis' first book was an autobiography, Sport of Queens, published in 1957, detailing his career as a jockey. Since then, of course, he's had an extraordinary second career as a novelist, winning both a Poe and Gold Dagger Award.

Discuss his work below.

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Nancy K. Jentsch - 05:50am Oct 13, 2001 PST(#77 of 82)

Dick Fancis has "retired." His wife died last September, and her assistance and research were a big part of his books. I had a letter from him recently and he said he planned to write no more books. A pity!

T Johnson - 04:21pm Oct 18, 2001 PST(#78 of 82)

Nancy K. Figured such was the case with Mr. Francis. However for those of us just finding his books, it is even now a beginning. There will always be someone reading a Francis book for the first time. Ive posted the following opinion in other areas, that while his novels have the "indiscretions" of mysteries, they always seem to be handled in a "discreet" way. Should you speak to him, wish him well, I look forward to a long association with his work.

Keith Butler - 06:26pm Dec 24, 2001 PST(#79 of 82)

It is truly unfortunate if DF does not write another book. I would be given his new novel each Christmas and it was always the most appreciated present. I believe I understand why he will no longer write but maybe we could try to dissaude him from retirement? I would also like to wish him well.

Matt Condon - 10:19am Jan 10, 2002 PST(#80 of 82)

I would also receive the latest Francis' mystery each Christmas, and it was sorely missed this year. Mr. Francis has my deepest sympathy and I thank him for his and his wife's great work over the years! Cheers and best wishes.

Debbie Moody - 07:24pm Jan 24, 2002 PST(#81 of 82)

I always got the new book for Christmas and I really missed it this year. I would like to extend my sympathy to Mr. Francis and also wish that he would reconsider and write more books as no-one writes like he does.

Sean Everton - 04:12pm Aug 22, 2002 PST(#82 of 82)

I hope Mr. Francis reconsiders his retirement as well. I've read all of his books, and have started reading them again, but I would surely like to see a new one hit the shelves in the future.


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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Books & Authors  / List of Authors  / List of Authors E - F  / Francis, Dick

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