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Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon (#13)
Nancy Drew CD-ROM game Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon
Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon
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The Hardy Boys have invited, you, as Nancy Drew, on a train ride out West hosted by beautiful and prominent socialite, Lori Girard. Lori has gathered the greatest minds in mystery to solve a century-old secret and the haunted train is their best clue.

The luxurious train once belonged to Jake Hurley, a wealthy adventurer, on a journey to find the mother lode during mining mania. Shortly after the trip began, Jake's wife, Camille met an untimely end. Although her death broke his heart, Jake pressed on. Many years passed, and one day, Jake's train was found in Blue Moon Canyon with the engineer slumped over in the car - dead. No one knows what happened to Jake...

Climb aboard as Nancy Drew and see if you can uncover the truth at the end of the line!

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cheeky59 - 02:49pm Apr 24, 2010 PST(#2585 of 2594)

Ok wait...i looked at older posts and it said to open the eagle picture im gonna need a bunch of slugs and i have all of them except 10...where do i get that 1?

aj101 - 10:06am Jun 21, 2010 PST(#2586 of 2594)

cheeky59- Im not sure if this is excatly what you need but to open the eagle picture Check the number of the eagle on the sampler and find out that it is 2. Go to the scale at Jake's car.

To unlock the eagle picture, 6 slugs are needed that end up with a math answer of 2.

Place 10 + 6 on any pan. Place 1 + 8 + 2 + 7 on the other pan.

Hope this helps =) sorry if its not what you're looking for

monica :))) - 08:46am Jul 14, 2010 PST(#2587 of 2594)

how do i open the vents? and what is the thing in camels car with the letters????

pogo - 01:07am Jul 23, 2010 PST(#2588 of 2594)


Open the vents by entering the four digit code. That code is 7963. However, it will not work unless you have reached a certain point in the came so keep trying it throughout the game.

I havent played the game in ages so i cant help you with the Camille thing. Sorry.

If you are absolutely stumped, go to and click on walkthroughs.

pumpup2020 - 04:23pm Aug 19, 2010 PST(#2589 of 2594)


hippymom - 12:46pm Oct 2, 2010 PST(#2590 of 2594)


sasha&buggy - 05:14pm Oct 29, 2010 PST(#2591 of 2594)

What order do the dolls go in i cant get it HELP

Vannah - 09:33pm Apr 20, 2011 PST(#2592 of 2594)

sasha&buggy..once you find of the name of the ballet slipped put the dolls on order of their names...nancy will randomly find their "birth certifcates" around the train..if you want the order instead of the hint just ask

mickey145 - 10:21am Jul 3, 2011 PST(#2593 of 2594)

how do you solve the stove with the duck on it???????

MysterieLover101 - 08:15am Sep 3, 2011 PST(#2594 of 2594)

How do you find the map, and how do you open the chinese looking box in the projection room?

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 [F] Nancy Drew Grownups Discussions  / Nancy Drew Computer Games  / Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon (#13)