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Stevie B - 03:42am Apr 30, 2006 PST
"If you put an infinite number of apes in front of an infinite number of computers, you get a pretty good idea of what internet chat rooms can be like" - Stevie B

Set up: This is a little different from the normal Post and Go games. This area is used for trying new game ideas, or for playing one-time games that don't really fit into any of the current ones.

Here are a few guidelines for how to use this area:
1. Only one game to be played at a time. If you have a fun idea, be patient, you'll get your turn.
2. For any game, all the usual P&G guidelines apply (see the P&G FAQ), unless otherwise stated by the host. The only exception to this is that the person who (in the case of a voting game) wins the the game is not obliged to set the next game, although they have first refusal to do so. If you choose not to post the next game, please say so. If no new game is posted within 2 days, the turn is automatically open to anyone.
3. As a host, clearly indicate whether your game is just a one-timer or an idea for a new P&G game. Explain in detail how the game should be played like is done in the header of all other games. If you repeat the previous game, also repost the rules in full.
4. Depending on the popularity of an idea for a new game, it may become a regular game in the Post and Go folder. While playing, host and players can discuss the new game and possible changes of the header in POST-n-GO COMMENTS. The next host(s) could choose to make a similar game that takes the suggestions into account. After a few "try-outs" this can result in a good final header for a new game.
5. Be aware that the intention is not to increase the current number of P&G games. Adding a new game will most likely mean archiving a less popular one. Bringing up new ideas can be fun, but it never hurts to be selective.
6. With Voting games, it might not always be possible to follow the schedule used with the rest of the voting games. With this in mind, it is recommended that the game schedule is controlled by the current host. The host must state when voting will be called, and when the voting will be tallied. Please note: If the game is falling behind the schedule set by the host, then anyone can jump in and move it along.

If you're stuck for ideas why not have a look at the list of games in The Games Pool? If you've played or created a game here and you've enjoyed it, why not add it to The Games Pool?

If you have questions regarding hosting and posting, check out the FAQ. Have fun!

Current Old n New Game

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rubyj - 07:20pm Nov 29, 2007 PST(#284 of 1085)
I confess...started using wrinkle cream and dyed my my face is darker and my hair is wrinkled...whassup with that?

Off we go...Raeboy...

Stevie B - 05:37am Nov 30, 2007 PST(#285 of 1085)
"If you put an infinite number of apes in front of an infinite number of computers, you get a pretty good idea of what internet chat rooms can be like" - Stevie B

Raeboy wins!

Raeboy - 06:04pm Nov 30, 2007 PST(#286 of 1085)

I like this. Let's do it again...

Title: Inn Theory

(Created by Stevie B, inspired by Andrew Wright)

Set-up: There is a small tavern in Feelther Grove called the Brahms and Liszt. There, patrons often have a glass too many of the local ale, and get into deep philosophical discussions about all manner of topics. These can range from "what are UFO's really", "what really happened to Atlantis", and "why was Stonehenge built", passing through topics like "why do women dance around handbags" all the way through to the really impossible questions like "just what is Paris Hilton for?". However, because the ale is brewed from purple mushrooms, the suggestions are rather, um.... suffice to say, sensible suggestions indicate that the patron has not drunk enough, and is therefore forcibly ejected by the bouncer. He hasn't got a name - he can't remember it.

Unfortunately, we cannot go to this tavern (partly because no one at MysteryNet is likely to be allowed to drink the ale, mainly because the place doesn't exist), but we can at least recreate the discussions here. So this is how the game is played:

The host will suggest a topic for discussion, and everyone else is invited to make suggestions (nothing sensible, please, as the bouncer has been known to reach distances in excess of 20 metres). At the end of the game, everyone votes as to which suggestion was the best. All the other usual P&G rules apply. Have fun!

New Topic (the previous topic being so eloquently put to bed by myself): How does a caterpillar become a butterfly?

Beautiful_1 - 06:53pm Nov 30, 2007 PST(#287 of 1085)
What was going through the minds of all of Chuck Norris' victims before they died? His shoe.

How does a caterpillar become a butterfly?
Well, first it studies and eats one. Then when it recreates the taste it makes robot wings to match.

(P.S. check out the P&S Test Lab)

Joy Gold - 08:44pm Nov 30, 2007 PST(#288 of 1085)

How does a caterpillar become a butterfly?

It has an extreme makeover

Rose Rosy - 04:10am Dec 1, 2007 PST(#289 of 1085)
Jump! Then grow wings on the way down.

How does a caterpillar become a butterfly?

After a plastic surgery

DeeGee - 08:32am Dec 1, 2007 PST(#290 of 1085)
A birth certificate shows you were born. A death certificate shows you have died. A photo album shows you have lived.

Well it's simple... it buys a book called the total transformation guide... you can according to Lawrence Llewlegen Bowen or what ever his name is, make anything out of mdf.

Chris Wise - 11:10am Dec 1, 2007 PST(#291 of 1085)
Every day, do one thing that scares you.

How does a caterpillar become a butterfly?

When a male caterpillar become a father, a natural defense mechanism kicks in that causes him to sprout brightly colored plumage. These "butterflies" are just papa caterpillars, luring predatures away from the nest and his little ones.

Eeva - 11:14am Dec 1, 2007 PST(#292 of 1085)

How does a caterpillar become a butterfly?

It reads great philosophers: "You are what you think you are." or "You are what you eat."

Stevie B - 01:31pm Dec 1, 2007 PST(#293 of 1085)
"If you put an infinite number of apes in front of an infinite number of computers, you get a pretty good idea of what internet chat rooms can be like" - Stevie B

It eats colourful foods (such as those described accurately in The Hungry Caterpillar). It then gets stomach ache, and makes itself a cocoon. When the weather gets cold enough, it throws up (thus giving the true meaning of a technicolour rainbow), and the sick instantly freezes into ultra-thin wings which it sticks on it's back.

Then it leaves the cocoon, looking completely different. This is because as well as being attached to vomit-wings, it is also emaciated and of a skelatal thickness.

This is why they don't last long once transformed - the wings will of course melt away and they plummet to their deaths. This is also why butterflies don't taste very nice.

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