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List of Authors J - L

Add a new discussion for each current author, J through L, to be discussed, or contribute to one already here. Please list last name first.

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 [F] Kelly, Jonathan (1 discussion)
 [D] Jacobs, Jonnie (7 messages)
 [D] Jacques, Brian
 [D] James, P.D. (36 messages)
 [D] James, Steven (new)
 [D] Jance, J.A. (74 messages)
 [D] Jennings, Maureen (2 messages)
 [D] Johansen, Iris (13 messages)
 [D] Johnson, Dolores (3 messages)
 [D] Joss, Morag (new)
 [D] Kaewert, Julie (2 messages)
 [D] Kahn, Sharon (1 message)
 [D] Kaminsky, Stuart M. (new)
 [D] Kane, Andrea (new)
 [D] Katz, Jamie (2 messages)
 [D] Kearsley, Susanna (1 message)
 [D] Keating, H.R.F. (Inspector Ghote) (2 messages)
 [D] Kellerman, Faye (110 messages)
 [D] Kellerman, Jonathan (208 messages)
 [D] Kellogg, Marne Davis (3 messages)
 [D] Kennett, Shirley (1 message)
 [D] Kijewski, Karen (14 messages)
 [D] Kimball, Michael (3 messages)
 [D] King, Laurie R. (46 messages)
 [D] King, Stephen (56 messages)
 [D] Klavan, Andrew (1 message)
 [D] Kleinholz, Lisa (2 messages)
 [D] Koch, Ed (1 message)
 [D] Koontz, Dean (77 messages)
 [D] Krich, Rochelle (2 messages)
 [D] Kurland, Michael (1 message)
 [D] Lake, M.D. (5 messages)
 [D] Landreth, Marsha (2 messages)
 [D] Landrum, Graham (4 messages)
 [D] Lane, Christopher (1 message)
 [D] Lane, Vicki (new)
 [D] Lang, Eugene (new)
 [D] Langton, Jane (2 messages)
 [D] Lanier, Virginia (23 messages)
 [D] Lansdale, Joe R. (new)
 [D] Larson, Eric (new)
 [D] Lathen, Emma (5 messages)
 [D] Latour, Jose (new)
 [D] Latt, Mimi (new)
 [D] Law, J. Patrick (new)
 [D] Lawrence, Hilda (1 message)
 [D] Lawrence, Margaret (6 messages)
 [D] Lawrence, Martha C. (2 messages)
 [D] LeBlanc, Maurice (5 messages)
 [D] LeCarre, John (9 messages)
 [D] Lehane, Dennis (98 messages)
 [D] Leonard, Elmore (23 messages)
 [D] Leotta, Allison (new)
 [D] Lescroart, John (6 messages)
 [D] Levine, Paul (new)
 [D] Lipinski, Thomas (new)
 [D] Lippman, Laura (12 messages)
 [D] Lockridge, Richard & Frances (7 messages)
 [D] Logan, Chuck (3 messages)
 [D] Lonsdale, Harry Paul (1 message)
 [D] Lovesey, Peter (15 messages)
 [D] Luce, Carol Davis (1 message)
 [D] Ludlum, Robert (7 messages)
 [D] Mystery Author Peter James (new)
 [D] P.D. LaFleur (new)

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Books & Authors  / List of Authors  / List of Authors J - L

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