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The only games I have is Treasure in the Royal Tower, Secrets Can Kill and Stay Tuned for Danger. I'm having a hard time deciding if I like Treasure in the Royal Tower better than Stay Tuned for Danger, or Stay Tuned for Danger than Treasure in the Royal Tower. I think Stay Tuned for Danger might be the hardest. Well or it could be Treasure in the Royal Tower. I don't know! LOL. Secrets Can Kill I think might be the easiest. Please post messages if you can! Thanks.

NOTE: When discussing the games, please do not post information that reveals the villian. If you are making a comment on the villian, please say him/her so that the gender of the villian is not revealed.

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Dq - 09:09am Jul 23, 2005 PST(#4466 of 10640)
I have finished all of the games so just ask me or email me if you need help!

GeorgeFayne17- I've been told it takes about 5 to 6 days, but don't count the weekends.

dinkiedo - 09:24am Jul 23, 2005 PST(#4467 of 10640)
blondes are not dumb!

ok thanks

nancyfan617 - 09:27am Jul 23, 2005 PST(#4468 of 10640)
Ever wonder what was Nancy like in High School? Check out how I think it would have been in my folder titled River Heights High!

I haven't gotten the game yet... Is it out in stores? Sorry! I haven't been posting in a while... You all have probably talked about this :)

kentuckyrules - 09:42am Jul 23, 2005 PST(#4469 of 10640)
I love country music and christian romance books and i love jump5(a christian group who are teenagers).If you need help with nancy drew games my e-mail address is and i can help you with any but #9.

has anybody bought the new game at walmart yet?if you have tell me please.

dinkiedo - 11:54am Jul 23, 2005 PST(#4470 of 10640)
blondes are not dumb!

Hi Nancyfan617. We missed you! And kentuckyrules, you can buy it on the internet at

GeorgeFayne17 - 02:24pm Jul 23, 2005 PST(#4471 of 10640)

NVM I said earlier that they had shipped it on the 19th but it was shipping 'pending' then. It was just shipped today, I'm getting so anxious and excited.

lexi454 - 04:13pm Jul 23, 2005 PST(#4472 of 10640)

hi does any1 here hav the secret of the old clock....

dopplerlover123 - 10:45am Jul 24, 2005 PST(#4473 of 10640)

hey guess what i have the game and i got it in media play..but anyway it is really good...i beat it already cause i just couldnt stop playing the next game is coming out...i dont no when ..but the hardy boys will be in it..i cant wait for the new game to come out....yeah i no that we are only allowed to only ask questions about one game but i just had to tell

Italy Freak 667 - 11:56am Jul 24, 2005 PST(#4474 of 10640)
Nancy Drew games ROCK!!!

Hey I don't know about you guys but i can't wait to get my hands on The Secret of the Old Clock. I don't have enough money to buy it yet but i am read the little info thing and i can not wait!!!!!!! Is it as good as it sounds??

huamei - 01:57pm Jul 24, 2005 PST(#4475 of 10640)

I sure hope it is! I pre ordered it but they only shipped it yesterday, so it'll be a few more days before I get it.

Lucky Star- I saw someone on here a little while ago who's second line of info said, "Use your head. That's the big lump that's above your *** (except they wrote the word)." It really annoyed me. I don't mean to be a tattle-tail or anything, (but I guess I am) it's just that I really don't think that that sort of language should be allowed on this site. If she uses it with her friends, fine, but some people on here don't like it. Plus, if any thing else like this happens I don't know if I'll be allowed on this site anymore. That would be SO sad!! :(

metalmouth - 08:10am Jul 25, 2005 PST(#4476 of 10640)
"we have nothing to fear but fear itself"

I got the secret of the old clock and already finished. It was really easy, but it was really fun. I liked it a lot!

GeorgeFayne17 - 08:33am Jul 25, 2005 PST(#4477 of 10640)

metalmouth: did you do Junior detective or Senior?

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