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Clark, Mary Higgins

Mary Higgins Clark Books

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Mary Higgins Clark was left a young widow with five children upon the death of her husband, Warren in 1964. She went to work writing radio scripts and, in addition, decided to write books. Her first book was a biographical novel about the life of George Washington, Aspire to the Heavens. It was followed by a try at a suspense novel, Where Are the Children, which became a bestseller and marked a turning point in her career. Please discuss Ms. Clark's many titles below.

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Jenner - 11:53am Mar 8, 2002 PST(#51 of 59)
A friend threatened to jump off a cliff, but I knew it was just a bluff. ;)

Oooh, I'm in the middle of "Loves Music, Loves to Dance" right now.

I loved the one about the cop's daughter who owned a clothing store (can't remember the name unfortunately)

P Marlowe - 01:11am Mar 10, 2002 PST(#52 of 59)
Glenview 7537 - Hollywood

I was almost finished with On the Street Where You Live and I lost the book.

If any of Mystery Net fans have read this book, please e-mail me with the last chapter of the book. I'm dying to know whodunit, although I have my suspicions.

My e-mail is

Molly O. - 12:42pm Mar 20, 2002 PST(#53 of 59)

With the exception of a few (because I'm not into paranormal stuff), I really like Mary Higgins Clark's books. It's next to impossible to pick just one favorite of hers, so I'm just going to post a few of my favorites along with what I liked about them. Note, there are some small spoilers, but nothing about the ending.

Let Me Call You Sweetheart - Not only does the heroine have one of my favorite names (Kerry), but I really found it intriguing. I kind of guessed the killer, but not seriously, so I was still surprised at the end. (And a little sad, because I felt bad for the killer's friends and family.) I loved the movie too.

The Cradle Will Fall - I LOVE this one. Richard's comment to Katie when he hugs her before she goes into trial about if she has a love interest he needs to watch out was so tender it made me want to cry. I actually dreamed about the last scene with me as Katie the night I read it. The only thing that made me mad was the way the back of the book tells who the killer is, since I don't think I would have guessed it for sure if I hadn't read the back.

While My Pretty One Sleeps: I really like this one. My favorite part is when Neeve and Jack are jogging and they come near the spot where her mom was murdered, as well as where Neeve leans against Jack in the car.

A Stranger Is Watching - The ending of this one made me want to cry. Talk about awesome!

My Gal Sunday - I'm not crazy about the first story, but I like the other three, especially the last one. Sunday and Henry are such a cute couple. I wish Mary Higgins Clark would write another book about them, maybe full-length this time.

Moonlight Becomes You - Creepy but I really enjoyed it. I really like when Maggie is sorting through the stuff in the house. I had my suspicion who the killer was, but I couldn't really make up my mind.

Pretend You Don't See Her - This was good, especially the climax starting with Lacey hurting her ankle. Wow, intense or what? My suspect was the brother-in-law, Jay. (If you want to know whether I was right, read it!) The revelation of who all was involved really surprised me.

We'll Meet Again? (I think that's the title, it's the one about the woman who's released on parole with no memory of her husband's killing so she decides to solve the murder.) - The ending of this one was a real surprise. I did NOT see that coming. One of her best.

I like Loves Music, Loves to Dance, as well, especially Erin's note to Darcy.

Normanne Gibson - 03:40pm Aug 7, 2002 PST(#54 of 59)

Mary Higgins Clark will be the featured guest on the Halloween Murder Mystery Cruise of the QE2 October 30-November 5, 2002. If anyone is interested in more information, visit or email me.

banks renae - 07:32pm Jan 1, 2004 PST(#55 of 59)

Are there any new messages for MHC ? I absolutely loved The Second Time Around, and am anxiously awaiting Nighttime is my time!

Amanda Ragsdale - 01:19pm Aug 16, 2004 PST(#56 of 59)

Hi Guys I've Just Started Daddy's Little Girl. It's FANTASTIC of curse. Do have any sugestions for me. Thanks A Bunch

nancygurl89 - 03:53pm Jan 14, 2005 PST(#57 of 59)
Freedom is not the liberty to do as you please, but the liberty to do as you should.

My favorites are Loves Music, Loves to Dance; Where Are the Children?; Moonlight Becomes You; Remember Me; and the one where there is a reporter named Meghan and she has this guy stalk her and his name is Bernie.

nancygurl89 - 03:54pm Jan 14, 2005 PST(#58 of 59)
Freedom is not the liberty to do as you please, but the liberty to do as you should.

Guess what! On Sundays or Mondays on PAX TV(channel 4 where I LIVE) they show movies of some of her books! So far they have shown You Belong to me, and this week Moonlight Becomes You

allison mc namara - 03:19am Oct 6, 2005 PST(#59 of 59)

My favorite (and im only on page 48) has got to be on the street were you live i really like that about reincarnation i could see it as a feature film.(a real movie not that crap on pax tv)This has to be her best book yet!!!Ok everybody whos read the book.Who do you think should play Emily Graham?

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Books & Authors  / List of Authors  / List of Authors C - D  / Clark, Mary Higgins

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