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Strange Laws
Laws against feminine wiles? It's illegal to drive more than two thousand sheep down Hollywood Boulevard at one time?

Discuss laws that are outrageous, outdated, wasteful, ridiculous and just plain funny here!

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Darlene Campbell - 04:08pm Apr 17, 1999 PST(#6 of 166)

This is such a nice change from the tight ends on some other discussions. It's legal to whip a women once a month in Texas but only once a month, not that I agree with whipping women but who would ever think up a law like this.

P Marlowe - 01:10pm Apr 18, 1999 PST(#7 of 166)
Glenview 7537 - Hollywood

As far as I remember, Darlene, you can still be hanged in Texas for stealing another man's horse. Don't think the laws been changed, but don't think it's enforced either.

Marilyn Dickey - 07:28pm Apr 18, 1999 PST(#8 of 166)
This Too Shall Pass

Goodwin,Thanks for the light hearted humor. Darlene You are so right this is a nice change.

Goodwin - 07:50am Apr 19, 1999 PST(#9 of 166)
It's a kind of magic

Marylin: anytime! :-)

Darlene: What if she is carrying an ice-cream cone in her pocket? Is she whipped more than once ?

Rich Barr - 01:43pm Apr 19, 1999 PST(#10 of 166)

I don't remember the name now, but there is a town around Lansing, Michigan which is required to maintain public horse troughs by its city charter. A few years ago the residents of this town voted on a measure to eliminate this provision. The measure failed--the town is STILL required to maintain public horse troughs.

athena - 03:00pm Apr 19, 1999 PST(#11 of 166)

think i heard that in Kansas that there is only one position to have sex that is legal. Every other way is illegal, Clinton had better stay outta Kansas.

Jennifer Lopez - 03:39pm Apr 19, 1999 PST(#12 of 166)

It is illegal to sneeze on the streets of Pittsburgh. You might startle a horse. In Massachusetts, the Stubborn Child Law was passed in 1646. It called for the death of disobedient children, provided their parents' were not at fault. Public whipping was usually substituted. This law was not repealed until 1973.

Darlene Campbell - 04:36pm Apr 19, 1999 PST(#13 of 166)

I'm not really sure about the whipping thing. There is a website on all these stupid laws. I just can't remember it right now. I know here where I live in Canada we have a by-law that says you have to have your laundry in off your line by 6 pm some urban areas outside of Toronto you can't have an outside clothesline. So I guess you have to air your dirty laundry elsewhere.

Madonna Child - 01:55pm Apr 20, 1999 PST(#14 of 166)

In Chicago, it is against the law to smoke on the platform for the train. The platforms are mostly located OUTSIDE, only the subway portions are compltely enclosed in some places.

Gregory Wine - 09:09pm Apr 20, 1999 PST(#15 of 166)

My dad told me of a law in, I believe, Alabama in which an unwed couple cannot be in a vehicle alone. if i remember correctly one had to get out and walk along side. My dad and a female cousin were pulled over for this.

Also in Michigan there was (or maybe still is) a law that states if your driving your car down the road and you come upon a horse you must pull your car off the road and behind a bush. While behind the bush you are to DISASSEMBLE your car until the horse has passed so as to not frighten the horse...Anyone got a blow torch??

SPJones_98 - 02:00am Apr 24, 1999 PST(#16 of 166)

Here in Australia there are some states that still have anti-WITCHCRAFT laws. And in Victoria it is illegal to wear hot pink pants after midday on Sundays.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / True Crime  / Strange Laws

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