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Hosting a Teenage Mystery
Peg Panter - 02:34pm Jan 20, 1998 PST

Hi, I'm new to all this. I attended an adult weekend Murder Mystery at a Bed and Breakfast and had a wonderful time. Everyone particapated and dressed in costume.

Now my teenage daughter wants me to write a mystery for her birthday. I have the setting "1950's sockhop" and the participants will include; cheerleader, jock, socialites (Muffy and Biff type), nerd, tuff guy, floozy, wallflower.

I was hoping that maybe someone would like to help me write it. Or give me some basic ideas on how to make it all happen. I guess what I'm asking for is HELP!

Thanks, Peg

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Anna Banana - 08:00pm Dec 15, 2004 PST(#53 of 53)

Hey I am a 14 yr. old and for my Birthday, and my dad's (we did a comined thing) my mom and I wrote a mystery. All you have to do is make a problem (murder, theft.....) Then custom make characters or the people you invite! It didn't take that long! We looked for weeks to try to find a mystery in a box but couldn't find one that was appropriate for ages 16 down, just write your own, its really fun!!!

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Games & Puzzles  / Mystery Parties  / Hosting a Teenage Mystery

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