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Get-a-Clue: Daily Mystery
Discuss the Get-a-Clue daily mystery.

So people know which Get-a-Clue you are discussing, please include the title and date of the puzzle you are referring to. Have fun!

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madhumitha hebbar - 09:11pm Mar 29, 2003 PST(#109 of 515)

giving no notice could be a simple mystery for detectives. but for me, it was a bit hard. i had recognised the housekeeper as the theif who wante to get the money of the boss, but learning about this the boss some how managed to mislead the HK that he had not won the jackpot

tarra blackford - 12:15pm Apr 3, 2003 PST(#110 of 515)

"the booby trap" has anyone read that one yet? i think it's kind of ironic how the husband fell to his own death trying to set a trap to kill his wife, dont you?

Jones Moosey - 03:49pm Apr 6, 2003 PST(#111 of 515)

ok fine don't talk to me!

Roxie Hart - 04:46pm Apr 8, 2003 PST(#112 of 515)
If clouds had silver linings, we'd all be dead by now.

I figured out daily get a clue "Crimes of Junk" by the first clue. That was the easiest one by far!!

Jane Kimiho - 12:17pm Apr 11, 2003 PST(#113 of 515)

I don't think that the mystery, Fingering A Killer, was a very good one. How were we supposed to know who 12-note Bob was?

Stariana D and Grandma A. - 02:34pm Apr 12, 2003 PST(#114 of 515)

Fingering the Killer We think it was a good case and also that the last clue gave it away. He had to have extra fingers or at last two REALLY fat gloved fingers to be in the circus.

Sara Overberg - 02:42pm Apr 14, 2003 PST(#115 of 515)

The mystery of the coin collection was way too easy! The butler almost almost always does the crime!

Kate Smith - 02:34am Apr 15, 2003 PST(#116 of 515)

It wasn't that good!!!!!!!!

Tonye Smith - 10:57am Apr 15, 2003 PST(#117 of 515)

Coin Mystery- Tonye whoa! that was weird, i thought the assistant did it!! well back to the drawing!

k3ihL_04 - 11:12am Apr 16, 2003 PST(#118 of 515)

it was ok.

Bob Hanon - 09:44pm Apr 16, 2003 PST(#119 of 515)

In the "Dedicated Hitman" I don't see the point of the mystery, what was more important the murder, or Rocco. The information to begin the mystery was so vague, that you needed the clues to find out what was important. At first I thought that the injury was received while the murder was committed. It seemed an odd sort of mystery.

mia green - 01:09pm Apr 23, 2003 PST(#120 of 515)

think todays mystery was great

Brandi Mosely - 02:43pm Apr 28, 2003 PST(#121 of 515)

I think there should be a picture with every clue.

julia coache - 02:26pm Apr 29, 2003 PST(#122 of 515)

this 1 was a really good 1!

zizi - 04:35pm Apr 30, 2003 PST(#123 of 515)

didn't like this 1.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Online Mysteries  / Get-a-Clue: Daily Mystery

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