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Get-a-Clue: Daily Mystery
Discuss the Get-a-Clue daily mystery.

So people know which Get-a-Clue you are discussing, please include the title and date of the puzzle you are referring to. Have fun!

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Santana Hancock - 12:30pm Jan 26, 2004 PST(#209 of 515)

This is a great mystery...I love it!

Gregor leep - 06:58pm Jan 26, 2004 PST(#210 of 515)

Thii like the coin burleary one more.

errin butler - 05:16pm Jan 28, 2004 PST(#211 of 515)

got it! it was easy, when i found out the stove thing was out and the maid was in the basement i realized what happened. i think its a cool mystery but i loke some of the others better.

natia halloway - 07:30am Jan 29, 2004 PST(#212 of 515)

(the lady gasses up) the maid who has access to just about everything and then she goes into the basement. dead give away

eyes and brains - 02:13pm Jan 29, 2004 PST(#213 of 515)

I usd my eyes, I used my brains, but I still didn't get it.... I guess suspect c.... no one said anyhting about a wallet, men usually have wallets in their back pocket.... so I figured the only person other than the police to get that close wuld have to be he killer.... it wa s agood mystery, makes since, but the blade being longer? If only it was that easy to convict Real suspects of Real crimes

Randy Gonzalez - 04:30pm Jan 29, 2004 PST(#214 of 515)

Funny...this was the exact same plot as an old "Encyclopedia Brown" mystery that I read as a that story the knife was in a watermelon! It was the same clue that gave it away. :)

Lawrence Gaulle - 12:54pm Feb 4, 2004 PST(#215 of 515)

How could anyone have thought of THAT from the first clue. Doesn't this type of thing work best if its interactive i.e. you're asking the questions?

mitch bob - 05:46pm Feb 8, 2004 PST(#216 of 515)

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz boring

eric mccammon - 11:13am Feb 10, 2004 PST(#217 of 515)

it was ok.but disapointing

jessicaThompson - 02:22pm Feb 12, 2004 PST(#218 of 515)

didnt really gwt it that much at first but now i think he did it hiself instead of somebody else

Rebecca Valencia - 10:25am Feb 18, 2004 PST(#219 of 515)

I liked the story very much!!!!!!

Emily Bode - 03:33pm Feb 19, 2004 PST(#220 of 515)

I LOVED IT that is so much funn!!!!!!!

Marie Anntoinette - 06:39am Feb 22, 2004 PST(#221 of 515)

That was the easiest thing I have ever done. If it says it was doing something like the fire was going and the paintings gone he probably did just that.

Amar Crow - 07:47am Mar 2, 2004 PST(#222 of 515)

It was.......intereating.

Anna Fleisch - 05:39am Mar 5, 2004 PST(#223 of 515)

5 March 2004 Murder Goes Wrong. The killer is supposed to be blind. How then did he know there was left-over beer in the suicide's glass?

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Online Mysteries  / Get-a-Clue: Daily Mystery

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