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List of Authors M - O

Add a new discussion for each current author, M through O, to be discussed, or contribute to one already here. Please list last name first.

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 [D] MacDonald, John D. (10 messages)
 [D] Macdonald, Marianne (2 messages)
 [D] Macdonald, Ross (19 messages)
 [D] MacLean, Alistair (8 messages)
 [D] MacLeod, Charlotte (38 messages)
 [D] MacPherson, Rett (new)
 [D] Mahoney, Dan (new)
 [D] Main, Gregg (3 messages)
 [D] Malmont, Valerie (4 messages)
 [D] Margolin, Phillip (4 messages)
 [D] Mariani, Scott (new)
 [D] Marks, Jeffrey (new)
 [D] Maron, Margaret (8 messages)
 [D] Marsh, Ngaio (99 messages)
 [D] Martin, Allana (1 message)
 [D] Massey, Sujata (3 messages)
 [D] Mathews, Francine (aka Stephanie Barron) (2 messages)
 [D] McBain, Ed (107 messages)
 [D] McCrumb, Sharyn (60 messages)
 [D] McDermid, Val (25 messages)
 [D] McFarland, Nora (new)
 [D] McGarrity, Michael (1 message)
 [D] McKevett, G. A. (23 messages)
 [D] McMullen, Mary (2 messages)
 [D] McNeile, H.C., "Sapper" (7 messages)
 [D] McVaugh, Kate (1 message)
 [D] Meier, Leslie (6 messages)
 [D] Melville, Jennie (1 message)
 [D] Meyers, Annette (1 message)
 [D] Michaels, Barbara (32 messages)
 [D] Millar, Cal (new)
 [D] Mills, Kyle (2 messages)
 [D] Mize, William (1 message)
 [D] Moers, Walter (new)
 [D] Monfredo, Miriam Grace (2 messages)
 [D] Montanari, Richard (3 messages)
 [D] Moore, Miriam Ann (1 message)
 [D] Morgan, Amanda (new)
 [D] Morgan, Ellorine Cottingham (new)
 [D] Morrison, Boyd (new)
 [D] Moseley, Margaret (1 message)
 [D] Mosley, Walter (9 messages)
 [D] Muller, Marcia (26 messages)
 [D] Munger, Katy (8 messages)
 [D] Murphy, James J. III (new)
 [D] Murphy, Shirley Rousseau (9 messages)
 [D] Myers, Tamar (33 messages)
 [D] Narayan, R.K. (new)
 [D] Naude, Ben (new)
 [D] Neely, Barbara (5 messages)
 [D] Nelscott, Kris (new)
 [D] Newman, Christopher (2 messages)
 [D] Nixon, Joan Lowery (19 messages)
 [D] Northcutt, Wendy (new)
 [D] Novak, Karen (new)
 [D] O'Connell, Carol (25 messages)
 [D] O'Donnell, Lillian (4 messages)
 [D] O'Grady, Brian (new)
 [D] O'Kane, Leslie (3 messages)
 [D] O'Shaughnessy, Perri (6 messages)
 [D] Orde, A. J. (1 message)
 [D] Osborn, David (1 message)
 [D] Osborne, Charles (1 message)

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Books & Authors  / List of Authors  / List of Authors M - O

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