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What (or Who) Should I Read Next?
Need a suggestion? What's the best newly published mystery you've read lately? Have any suggestions for other viewers?
Please Note: To discuss an author in more depth, go to the Authors Folder and add a discussion if you don't see the one you want already there. To discuss a genre or theme of mysteries, go to the Genres & Themes Folder and add a discussion if you don't see the one you want already there.

PLEASE remember that not everyone will have read the whole book or know everything about the author that is being discussed. If you MUST discuss crucial plot information that could potentially spoil the ending of a book for someone (e.g., if somebody in the book dies), PLEASE WARN other community members by noting it at the top of your posting.

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Jasmine - 01:21pm Jul 28, 1997 PST(#1 of 1002)

Has anyone read Elizabeth George's new book? It's gotten alot of good press.

Zeeuwsch Meisje - 09:01am Jul 30, 1997 PST(#2 of 1002)

Was that the one about the politician's daughter who was kidnapped? It was good. Too bad she didn't survive though.

Lorraine Gelly - 12:11pm Jul 30, 1997 PST(#3 of 1002)

Elizabeth George's newest book is "Deception On His Mind" and Barbara Havers is the central figure (Lynley is on his honeymoon) and it involves her Pakistani neighbor and his daughter and racism with regard to the Asian population in England. It is very, very good; Barbara has developed quite a lot and carries the book on her own.

TW - 12:30pm Jul 30, 1997 PST(#4 of 1002)

I am not too fond of George and I can't tell you exactly why! However, while I am here, has anyone read the new James Burke,"Cimarron Rose" or the sleeper "The Art of Breaking Glass" by Matthew Hall? I understand the Burke book is the start of a new series???

Judy Dussault - 06:50pm Jul 31, 1997 PST(#5 of 1002)

Have you read Patricia Cornwell's newest book "Unnatural Exposure"? It is a really good book. She is such a wonderful writer. I also like Sue Grafton. I have all her books up to M.

lynn lawrence - 07:04pm Aug 1, 1997 PST(#6 of 1002)

Anyone a Dean Knootz fan? Can't walk past a bookstore and leave without one of his books. Which one is the best? I would have to vote for 'Strangers' the first one I ever read!!

Lisa - 07:07pm Aug 2, 1997 PST(#7 of 1002)

I love Patricia Cornwell's books but it takes so long for them to come out in paperback that I don't get to read them for months. Sue Grafton is really good too. I also like Jill Churchill's "Jane Jeffrey" series.

The Watcher - 04:01pm Aug 3, 1997 PST(#8 of 1002)

Patricia Cornwell fans will be happy to know that her novel "From Potter's Field" will be made into a movie by Universal Pictures. Rumor has it that Kristin Scott Thomas may play forensic pathologist Dr. Kay Scarpetta, the heroine of Cornwell's 1995 best-seller.

Nancy Sausser - 03:15pm Aug 4, 1997 PST(#9 of 1002)

Two good mysteries I've read recently are Janet Evanovich's Two For The Dough and Nevada Barr's Firestorm. I also like anything by Walter Mosley. Don't care much for Elizabeth George.

Krisi Gertz - 09:24am Aug 6, 1997 PST(#10 of 1002)

I love Grafton's books!! But for a laugh along with a mystery, try Joan Hess. Her Claire Malloy series is great!!

Toni Legary - 10:56am Aug 6, 1997 PST(#11 of 1002)

Nancy, I, too, get a big kick from Janet Evanovich! I've read all three "One for the Money" Two for the Dough" and "Three to get Deadly" Looking forward to a new one. I'm reading a Rita Mae Brown with Sneaky Pie Brown now. Also enjoy Antonia Fraser, Sue Grafton, Sara Paretsky

Jody Moncado - 12:55pm Aug 6, 1997 PST(#12 of 1002)

I like the Kay Scarpetta books by Cornwell a lot. For lighter mystery reading I've gotten into the Goldy the caterer books by Diane Mott Davidson (Killer Pancake, the Main Corpse, etc) I like to cook very much, so its as if these books were made for me.

Jen Block - 01:23pm Aug 6, 1997 PST(#13 of 1002)

Hi, now I'm reading "Pennies on a Dead Woman's Eyes" by Marcia Muller, featuring her very sassy slueth, Sharon McCone. Muller did a wonderful job shaping this character. Does anyone recommend other Muller/McCone books?

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Books & Authors  / What (or Who) Should I Read Next?

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