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Fatal Illusion: CD-ROM
Clue Chronicles
Join your favorite Clue characters in 2 all new adventures

You've been invited to a very special New Year's Eve party. Join your favorite characters from Clue-- and a few surprising new ones-- at the bizarre castle stronghold of reclusive millionaire, Ian Masque. Unravel a murder set in a shadowy world of politics, wealth, and the supernatural. Discuss Episode 1 of the Clue Chronicles Mystery Series with fans and visitors here! Fatal Illusion: The new interactive mystery adventure CD-ROM from Clue.
Please Note: Anyone looking for help: Many of the same questions have been asked and answered in this discussion. Before posting about where you are stuck, please use the Search Button and type in the key words - such as "cable car". This should bring up a list of every post where the cable car is mentioned. Your answer may already be here.

The patch for this game is still available. Hasbro Interactive was taken over by another company in 2001. You can get it at: this link. Thanks ~Fran

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skirvin - 10:33pm Nov 8, 1999 PST(#19 of 4060)

the marble game is challenging...i got it though, and it is the first and only for me so far. keep working the marble in the holes....your object is to get the walls to the far right to drop down. once you get to the second hole everything falls in place. good luck.

skirvin - 12:26am Nov 9, 1999 PST(#20 of 4060)

edan, did you get the iron maiden open? once you get all the spikes out, DONT click on the middle, you will have to start over. she just opened up for me, although i may have clicked on her but not in the middle. i quit for the night (morning) and will resume with trying to solve col. mustard. i got the rest of the jewels, there are only 5 right? this game is lots of fun. hope everyone is enjoying themselves!

Edan - 06:49am Nov 9, 1999 PST(#21 of 4060)

Iron maiden hasn't opened up for me... even tried using several previous saves (including one from the end of act 2) but it didn't work for me. when I click on the maidnen (not in the middle) after I made the star, I just get a message that says that "Maybe I should learn more about it before fiddling with it". I don't know what more I can learn. I hypnotized plum to learn the riddle, than I went to the iron maiden and made the star figure. Is there more than that? Do you remember where you clicked, by any chance? (on the arms, wheel, spikes, in the star... etc?)

Could someone who can, mail me their saved games (or at least one where they've gotten plum and peacocks jewels (I *don't* want to do that marble thing again.. sigh) mail them to me? vuuencoded would be best, but I might be able to decode mime... or else put them on a webpage?

Just mail me first, so I don't get lots of email of saved games ;-)

Thanks, Edan

April Carlson - 07:42am Nov 9, 1999 PST(#22 of 4060)

Thanks skirvin for the marble clue and encouragement. It definitely is a fun game. I have not had time to sit down and keep going on it. It is addicting therefore I have to make sure I have the time! Can't wait to get through this so I can get the next one.

skirvin - 10:43am Nov 9, 1999 PST(#23 of 4060)

edan, click on the wheel that surrounds the spikes, 2 sections of it lifted and turned, then it opened up. try that, maybe thats what i did-and didnt realize it...this is so intense, and we are trying to pay such close attention to things that it is sometimes hard to remember if you clicked or didnt! lol i am having alot of fun, hope everyone else is too! now...i must go conquer col. mustard!

Elizabeth DeKam - 03:06pm Nov 9, 1999 PST(#24 of 4060)

The story is very interesting. I love the new characters. I've never read anything like it.

Edan - 04:04pm Nov 9, 1999 PST(#25 of 4060)

Sigh. It seems I am doomed to never open the iron maiden. Sigh, I guess I will email tech support. Well, at least Gabriel Knight 3 will be out in a few days (at which point, Clue will probably be put on the back burner...)

felicia williams - 07:50pm Nov 9, 1999 PST(#26 of 4060)

Thank you!!!! for the tips on the marble game it's very very challenging and I had been trying for the longest to crack it. solving the riddle for Miss Scarlet causes a cool effect! Thanks again!! Have a good evening everyone.

skirvin - 08:24pm Nov 9, 1999 PST(#27 of 4060)

anyone let me know when you get to the "maze dungeon". i keep getting lost!! lol this is awsome.

skirvin - 11:43pm Nov 9, 1999 PST(#28 of 4060)

great ending.....cant wait for you all to get there and see "whodunit"! 8-)

Gail Broadie - 03:41am Nov 10, 1999 PST(#29 of 4060)

I still can't get into the wheel house and I can't figure out what to do! I combined the artifact with the puzzle box and it opened. I read the paper inside. Now what? Please help. Gail

Edan - 05:34am Nov 10, 1999 PST(#30 of 4060)

Gail, Did Miss White drop the vase? if so, you'll note a down arrow next to her...

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Games & Puzzles  / Clue Chronicles  / Fatal Illusion: CD-ROM

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