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Fatal Illusion: CD-ROM
Clue Chronicles
Join your favorite Clue characters in 2 all new adventures

You've been invited to a very special New Year's Eve party. Join your favorite characters from Clue-- and a few surprising new ones-- at the bizarre castle stronghold of reclusive millionaire, Ian Masque. Unravel a murder set in a shadowy world of politics, wealth, and the supernatural. Discuss Episode 1 of the Clue Chronicles Mystery Series with fans and visitors here! Fatal Illusion: The new interactive mystery adventure CD-ROM from Clue.
Please Note: Anyone looking for help: Many of the same questions have been asked and answered in this discussion. Before posting about where you are stuck, please use the Search Button and type in the key words - such as "cable car". This should bring up a list of every post where the cable car is mentioned. Your answer may already be here.

The patch for this game is still available. Hasbro Interactive was taken over by another company in 2001. You can get it at: this link. Thanks ~Fran

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Nita B - 10:06am Nov 14, 1999 PST(#56 of 4060)

Thanks skirvin....I got the lock open! :)

April Carlson - 03:35pm Nov 14, 1999 PST(#57 of 4060)

Can anybody please help me with the marble game? Peacocks riddle? I understand I am supposed to get the walls to fall by pushing the blue buttons but How are you supposed to get the marble to touch the blue button with no holes to get there? I don't understand that part and I am getting really frustrated!!! Please help me!!

Deana - 03:47pm Nov 14, 1999 PST(#58 of 4060)

Help... (if any).... I am stuck at the cable car. I have done everything correct but it is not working. I did the 3 switches and the right one but nothing has worked. I then tried to load a new game to start from the beginning and it locks up. When I play the loaded game some of the screen gets messed up, then it says fatal error. Is there an update for this or am I stuck with a junk game? I know it is not my computer. I am running a PII 300. Can anyone help? Thanks

skirvin - 04:45pm Nov 14, 1999 PST(#59 of 4060)

April, your objective is to get the walls on the far right to drop...then you have to get the marble into those holes as well, which will (at the last hole) put you where you need to be to roll your marble into the blue must be patient with this does take time and is frustrating. there is a pattern for the holes as the marbles go close will get it! good luck.

skirvin - 04:51pm Nov 14, 1999 PST(#60 of 4060)

Deana, did the red light come on after you did the 3 switches and lever? (if so....move on....(hint)). some have had fatal errors, there are some bugs in the game. i was fortunate not to encounter any of those problems.....but one of my saved games would not i had to go back to one that would. keep trying, maybe they will have a fix for it but i havent heard that they do as of yet.....good luck!

April Carlson - 08:58pm Nov 14, 1999 PST(#61 of 4060)

I finally finished!!! At least I think I did..when you get to the ending credits is that mean you are done? So, we have to wait for the next one to come out now?

Virginia Galbraith - 06:26am Nov 15, 1999 PST(#62 of 4060)

Okay, I can't get the wheel room open. I've ask all the questions, have picked up the puzzle box (and now can't set it back down) and tried using all the items I have. Any hints. Virginia

Anjell Meyers - 01:28pm Nov 15, 1999 PST(#63 of 4060)

I can't seem to get passed the ship. How do you talk to that girl playing the piano, or unlock the door. I dont know where the key could be? Can anyone please help me.

felicia williams - 03:51pm Nov 15, 1999 PST(#64 of 4060)

It's nice to see others finishing this and I also want to thank everyone who helped me. This borard was more helpful then the clues in the game. Does anyone out there know when the next one comes out. I get the feeling that all the regulars on this board will get it at about the same time and we can help each again.

skirvin - 06:38pm Nov 15, 1999 PST(#65 of 4060)

anjell, try interviewing everyone have missed a few things that you need. always be sure to check to see if you've asked all the questions on your list for each person. as events do your questions. good luck

lfine01 - 08:38pm Nov 15, 1999 PST(#66 of 4060)

Hey all -- I have been diligently visiting this message board, and the expertise of its visitors has gotten me through more than one tough spot! However, I seem to be having problems finding Popov in the chateau in act 3 -- and if I can't find her, I can't get Plum's jewel -- the only one I have yet to obtain. I probably just overlooked something basic, but if anyone could lend a hand, I'd be grateful!

Lori Yates - 05:10am Nov 16, 1999 PST(#67 of 4060)

lfine01, try looking again in the room where Urfe is performing his escape from death act. I am also glad to see others finishing this one! I agree that this message board has been more helpful than anything! See you all again when the next one comes out!

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Games & Puzzles  / Clue Chronicles  / Fatal Illusion: CD-ROM

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