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Cozy Kitchen

Midnight snack? A festive dinner with friends? Giggles over brownies?

Come to the cozy kitchen... this place is a chef's dream, with every modern appliance, including a fully-stocked refrigerator, and over in the corner there's a fireplace with a couple of comfy rocking chairs nearby. So come on in, whip up a delectable treat and share it with your friends!

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Beautiful_1 - 06:24am May 8, 2009 PST(#13656 of 15953)
What was going through the minds of all of Chuck Norris' victims before they died? His shoe.

Thanks Aggie! Yeah, I'm not good with captions.

Aggie - 06:38am May 8, 2009 PST(#13657 of 15953)
The most wasted of all days is one without laughter. ee cummings

B1, certainly not when it comes to tagging a number of yours. :) If you grow your hair long and cut it, please have it made into a wig for me. It's a beautiful color.

Beautiful_1 - 11:10am May 8, 2009 PST(#13658 of 15953)
What was going through the minds of all of Chuck Norris' victims before they died? His shoe.

Alright, I'll see what I can do! I cut my hair last year (when it was a good part of the way down my back) and donated to locks of love

DeeGee - 12:22pm May 8, 2009 PST(#13659 of 15953)
A birth certificate shows you were born. A death certificate shows you have died. A photo album shows you have lived.

Brill photos! :o)

bella wanella - 12:58pm May 8, 2009 PST(#13660 of 15953)

hey sweetheart ... good news D is coming home from his second tour in Iraq .. he again mentioned that your poem in thanks to the soldiers is STILL up on the board to welcome the new soldiers and in the waiting room bulletin board for the mental health counseling. He says your words have helped many you will never know of.

And my B1 your prose of She's Scared hit home with me ... that IS how I feel after a year of losing so many family members.

As for your pix .. oh my!! if your hair was platinum blonde you would be a double for my granddaughter ... ya'll are both budding beauties!

PookyDragon - 01:06pm May 8, 2009 PST(#13661 of 15953)
Thwart. Thwart thwart thwart thwart thwart. Wow, say a word enough times and it really sounds silly.

Awesome pics. I was a bit of a tomboy, climbing trees barefoot was the BEST fun (I'd climb our catalpa tree and sit on the roof and watch the Navy jets fly over.)

The captions I think they mean 'being off' are the ones of you being down on yourself! Your screen name here says it all, you are BEAUTIFUL. Don't ever doubt that. And I love the cute short hairstyle, very chic, sporty, and grown up. I imagine as you get older, you'll be one of the few lucky young women who never has to use more than a dab of mascara and lip gloss to glam up. You're a beautiful young lady, inside and out.

No more remarks of that nature now, you hear?

Ann-B - 02:06pm May 8, 2009 PST(#13662 of 15953)
The race is long, and in the end, it's only with yourself

Great pictures B1! :-)

White Tornado - 02:37pm May 8, 2009 PST(#13663 of 15953)
(8@D)======> The WINDS of change are inevitable...but is the Power of Love......TORNADO WARNING: Some people are sheltered,,,,,, and then,,,,,, I unshelter them

Now I know who is leaving all that hair around here in the Kitchen (8@D)=====>

(((( B1 ))))

PookyDragon - 07:34pm May 8, 2009 PST(#13664 of 15953)
Thwart. Thwart thwart thwart thwart thwart. Wow, say a word enough times and it really sounds silly.

OMG... kids and I drove up the hill to experience this weather tonight with a clear (non-tree-obstructed) view. Clouds rolling, boiling, amazing outflow from this still building thunderhead (three counties away, or 60-70 miles roughly). The wind coming off of it was at least 30mph (like hanging your head out a car window.) Thunderhead had some little squiggly things extruding from neighboring cloud cover, and as of the time of the photo it wasn't really dropping much precipitation in the outer areas. Shows to be dropping some hail though and very intense on the radar. This is gonna be a nice strong storm, I hope it comes our way, I Looooovvveee a good storm! I'm so excited.

Pic: h++p://

_Jersey_Girl_ - 08:00pm May 8, 2009 PST(#13665 of 15953)
"Nothing matters in the whole wide world when you're in love with a Jersey Girl." - T. Waits

Would this have been your dream?

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Social Lounge  / Cozy Kitchen

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