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Sherlock Holmes

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What is your favorite Sherlock Holmes story and why? Which characters do you find most interesting? Why do people still love Sherlock Holmes today?

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alfred childs - 04:13pm Nov 11, 2007 PST(#985 of 997)

My favorite Sherlock novel is part 1 of The Valley of Fear. Of the short stories, my top five are The Bruce Partington Plan, The Six Napoleons, The Speckled Band, The Red Headed League, and Silver Blaze. I like the way Holmes sees things that nobody else does, or does'nt think that it's important. Like curried mutton for dinner, the kind of knife in the victim's hand, the other guys bill in the pocket, the lameness of the sheep, and of course, the curious incident of the dog in the middle of the night.

mark216 - 10:56am Mar 26, 2008 PST(#986 of 997)

my favorite mystery is the hound of baskerville

D.E.X - 11:40pm Jul 21, 2008 PST(#987 of 997)

All adventures are great. Holmes is the Greatest.

philip73 - 08:01pm Oct 18, 2008 PST(#988 of 997)

where can i read mystery novels online?

Missy Sweesy - 10:23pm Nov 20, 2008 PST(#989 of 997)
Life has a way of finding you, no matter how artistic a sneak you are.---Keeper proverb---Thief: The Dark Project.

It's not easy, they're copywrited. The Gutenberg Project does have many wold works, so there might be something there if you know the title or author. But it certainly wouldn't be anything newer than 75 years or so?

Chris Hansen - 05:36pm Oct 18, 2009 PST(#990 of 997)

Hello All: So what's the reaction to the new Holmes film due next year (2010)? I say it will energize viewers to read the Conan Doyle stories, and increase the demand for more Holmes movies. Let's hope so, anyway. Best always, Chris.

Hondo Shane - 01:51am Nov 6, 2009 PST(#991 of 997)

I thought fans of Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce might be interested in a collection of their old radio shows. Mill Creek Entertainment"s "The Best of Sherlock Holmes" has 50 on episodes on 25 discs all starring Rathbone and Bruce except for "The Haunting of Sherlock Holmes" where Ben Wright stood in for Nigel Bruce who was ill for that episode. The sound quality is excellent on 46 of the episodes. 4 still have good sound quality but were not remastered. They are older shows not found on the Simon and Shuster collection. For less than $25.00 it is a great buy.

Jeanine Berry - 09:27am Jan 18, 2010 PST(#992 of 997)

Sherlock Holmes is my favorite detective as well. As mentioned previously, the man has got to have one of the most clever minds ever.

And, while we're speaking of Holmes...CONGRATULATIONS, ROBERT!!!

Jacob Lecor - 04:20pm Jan 29, 2010 PST(#993 of 997)

My favorite mystery is the red headed league. I didn't really get the crime committed until the second time I read it

Braxton Williams - 07:28am May 13, 2010 PST(#994 of 997)

I've read all the Sherlock Holmes by Doyle, can anyone suggest another author who is good who has taken up the baton? I would like ot read more Holmes, but only if it is good stuff. There is a word for an author who continues a character and style from another author but I can't think of it right now.

Donna Smock - 10:20pm Jul 16, 2010 PST(#995 of 997)
Make new friends but keep the old; one is silver and the other gold.

Barrie Roberts has written several good Sherlock Holmes books. Is the word you are thinking of pastiche?

ice of shadow - 06:18am Jun 30, 2011 PST(#996 of 997)

My favorite mystery is the valley of fear. And I think it is a pity that Douglas died at last.I love the guy. And I want to make a friend,I love Ellery Queen and Lincoln Rhyme too.I am from China. My email is

Gidget33 - 09:04pm Feb 12, 2013 PST(#997 of 997)

It's hard to decide, but my favorite Holmes story might be The Adventure of the Devil's Foot. Mycroft is one of my favorite characters, namely because he's Sherlock, but lazy. I think that people still love him because he's something we can all understand, but never be. We can see his reasoning, but we can't reproduce it when we try it ourselves. At least, not so quickly and skillfully.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Greats  / Sherlock Holmes  / Sherlock Holmes

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