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Quincy M.E.
Susan Christoffersen

Haven't seen Quincy in years but this type of mystery was always a favorite; felt as though I learned a lot just from reading them. I would guess that fans of this show would also enjoy the Patricia Cornwell books, as I do. Anybody out there?


ANSWER: The only clue the audience was ever provided about Quincy's first name occurred (in the episode "Accomplice to Murder") when he handed a battered housewife his business card — sharp-eyed viewers noted the card identified him as "R. Quincy".

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Fran Hinkel - 10:46am Jan 30, 2001 PST(#31 of 211)
You can check out anytime you like...but you can never leave!

I'm not sure it was ever revealed.

Is_this_normal? - 12:12am Feb 4, 2001 PST(#32 of 211)
There can be no triumph without loss… no victory without suffering… no freedom without sacrifice… (from TROTK trailer) True words even for today.

Went to The Quincy Examiner and could not find the answer to this question. I think Fran is correct. The website is very cool. I recommend it.

The Quincy Examiner

Guru Jared Rebecki - 12:51pm Feb 13, 2001 PST(#33 of 211)

I am a HUGE Quincy fan, and in honour of the show I am devising a drinking game to entertain my many friends at our dinner parties. I have discovered after carefully analysing many, many episodes I have found that Quincy, as well as performing many standard frantic hand gestures and points (watch him on the phone!), he uses two unique Quincy manouvers that can not be performed by anybody else in the universe. These are:

1. The mouse-milking manouver. He uses this move quite regularly, if you look out for it, he holds out his hand and imitates the manouver used to gently squeeze the teets of a lactating mouse.

2. The inverse door slam. This move is used quite rarely, and normally involves an argument in an office before hand. This move should not be attempted at home as it is a move of awesome power, and if performed incorrectly could result in either: a) loss of arm, any other limb and in very rare cases people have died. b) the door could be pulled clean off its hinges, which as well as ruining a perfectly good door, could result in injury, such as a "door through the head" injury. The move is performed as follows: 1. Have an argument in an office 2. Go to leave the office 3. Perform the inverse slam by opening the door at a speed GREATER than the speed of sound. It is possible to hear a small "Sonic Boom" when the door is opened in this manner. 4. Move to leave the room, but as doing so, spin round then turn and make a snide remark before: 5. Leave the room in an orderly manner, closing the door quietly.

Stefan Kucharczyk - 08:33am Feb 23, 2001 PST(#34 of 211)

Can anyone rmember an episode of Quincy called "The Cutting Edge?" Quincy was only in the episode for about 5 mins in totol. The rest was all about a doctor trying to sew someones arm back on after an accident on a building site. If you can, can you tell us if the main character in the epiode, GABE, is related to Jack Klugmann. They look very smilar.

Matt Lambert - 10:36am Mar 8, 2001 PST(#35 of 211)

I love watching Quincy M.E. In every episode, Quinc' is knows exactly what's going on: who killed who and how. But does anyone believe him? No. Not till the end of the program. They all seem to have very short memories - Quinc' is always right.

davis rolf - 05:48pm Apr 15, 2001 PST(#36 of 211)

can anyone tell me what my favourite t.v detective/doctor/hunk wears in bed. although not as honed as quincys, my detective instincts point towards him wearing a teenage mutant ninja turtles nightie and a pair of red, knitted socks.please help me, i need help

Fran Hinkel - 11:55am Apr 17, 2001 PST(#37 of 211)
You can check out anytime you like...but you can never leave!

Yes, you do! LOL!

Joanne McGilvray - 01:01pm Apr 23, 2001 PST(#38 of 211)

Can anyone tell me where I can buy the entire or partial Quincy episodes

Luke Bilcliffe - 08:01am Jun 20, 2001 PST(#39 of 211)

Quince is the best and that is a fact. Wont someone think of the children. Sam i need this by tomorrow, we best stay here all night. this is more important than your date Sam. Lets go to Danny's

cathy stevens - 05:41pm Jul 23, 2001 PST(#40 of 211)

hey i love quincy he rules the most i desperatly neeed to know his first name please tell me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Stuart Kirby - 12:24am Jul 25, 2001 PST(#41 of 211)

We love Quincy. We try to get our lunch breaks to watch a whole episode (they are still being shown here in UK). Does anyone know his first name though? (We think it is Robert)

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