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Comments and Suggestions for Social Lounge
We are always looking for ways to improve your enjoyment and interest in the Social Lounge. Your opinions are valuable to MysteryNet and we hope you will take the opportunity to post your comments and suggestions in this discussion.

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Shelly Dee - 08:41pm Jul 4, 2001 PST(#275 of 1770)
Your value has nothing to do with your valuables.

a job I am certain you would volunteer for *weg*

Aggie - 09:38pm Jul 4, 2001 PST(#276 of 1770)
The most wasted of all days is one without laughter. ee cummings

Well, this is a fine thing to come across - don't try to change the subject, Shelly. I imagine I'll be getting to debate shortly - been up to anything lately...hmmmmm?

Puma - 09:49pm Jul 4, 2001 PST(#277 of 1770)
There are 10 kinds of people in the world. Those who understand binary and those who don't.

The problem with watching either of you is that you've managed to remain incognito, so I wouldn't know when I was.

Aggie, don't you think that's a rather silly question? You might as well question which side of the sky the sun will appear in tomorrow morning.

Mimi - 09:51pm Jul 4, 2001 PST(#278 of 1770)

The top side? *giggle*

TheMask400 - 11:27pm Jul 8, 2001 PST(#279 of 1770)
My answer is now, Definetely, most certain, absolutely, yes

I just read the whole David's point about sometimes people feeling left out

First thing is that I'm new around as a member. I used to just visit the online mystery., but recently I got involve in a MP by chance.. and one thing led to another.. and now I'm here...

I hope I'm making any sense.. anyways. I agree with most of the comments that everyone has made.... I sometimes don't know what some people are talking about.. but as they might know by now... I tend to be a little tiny noisy..

I just post a comment if they answer fine, if they don't is fine too.. maybe it was inapropiate on my part, or maybe to the intended person missed the comment.

Even though I'm a "new" memeber.. People has been pretty friendly toward me, and when they dissapear.. I just know that something must have came up.. like it happens to me too.

So to conclude this long opinion.... like someone else said, don't remember who..(sorry about that) is just how much time are you willing to spend here, and express your ideas, so others can respond to them. Of course, in the appropiate folders. I think the fact that the topics are divided by folders, mades them "board" oriented.

I think I said enough.. so Somebody STOP ME!!!!

Puma - 11:57pm Jul 8, 2001 PST(#280 of 1770)
There are 10 kinds of people in the world. Those who understand binary and those who don't.

There are two words that can also explain why someone might think they are being excluded from a conversation... guerrilla postings.

This activity, in which I am currently engaged, and generally assume credit for naming, is in fact, simply use of a BBS as a bulletin board, rather than a chat. Such posts are typically rhetorical.

Also, it is sometimes, that there is really no conversation. If the appearances of some parties are less frequent than others, dozens of posts may occur in the interim. This can make reference to a previous post seem exclusive, as that post may have been noted by only a limited number of members.

daffodil - 01:27am Jul 9, 2001 PST(#281 of 1770)

I think a lot of people notice your posts.

(((((Puma))))) *g*

Garry "Dr" Watson - 02:38am Jul 9, 2001 PST(#282 of 1770)
them's the breaks breaks breaks

Puma Who ?..GRIN

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Social Lounge  / Comments and Suggestions for Social Lounge

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