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Secret of the Old Clock (#12)
Nancy Drew CD-ROM game Secret of the Old Clock
Secret of the Old Clock
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Secret of the Old Clock

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Gather up your Courage to Confront the Secret of the Old Clock!

Its 1930 and Nancy Drew is asked to visit Emily Crandall in Titusville, a girl whom Nancy knows only through a mutual friend. She and her mother had been counting on the generosity of their kindly but strange neighbor, Josiah Crowley, to leave them part of his estate to support the inn they own. But in his will, everything was left to Richard Topham, his ESP teacher. A contested will, a suffering girl, suspicious psychics can Nancy solve the mystery before time runs out?

Stuck somewere? Need a tip?

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violin_chick - 10:57am Aug 8, 2005 PST(#151 of 2945)
"I solemnly swear that I am up to no good."

Katie and lliana, what do you need help with?

amatuer decative - 11:34am Aug 8, 2005 PST(#152 of 2945)

The game is so much fun!!!

kimikay2 - 03:45pm Aug 8, 2005 PST(#153 of 2945)

Hi people, I need some help!

Isn't Gloria's middle name Lois, because If I look on the barndoor code, the last one doesn't show an L.

Spoilers welcome.

metalmouth - 04:08pm Aug 8, 2005 PST(#154 of 2945)
"we have nothing to fear but fear itself"

kimikay2- yes, her middle name is Lois, but you have to spell out each word, not just the first letter

kimikay2 - 04:40pm Aug 8, 2005 PST(#155 of 2945)

OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH! Now I get it , thanks so much

Kris2 - 06:58pm Aug 8, 2005 PST(#156 of 2945)
If you need help Email me at I completed all of the games and I can help you with whatever you need


Kekie103 - 06:31am Aug 9, 2005 PST(#157 of 2945)

How do I get the journal open? and when does Emily go out of her room?do I need to look in the drawer in emilys room to find something about the journal?PLEAZ HELP!!!!! Answer ASAP!!!!

metalmouth - 07:43am Aug 9, 2005 PST(#158 of 2945)
"we have nothing to fear but fear itself"

kekie103- SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT! In the secret passage in the living room, theres a hidden staircase. When Jane leaves her stand, look behind it and you'll see a picture of it. At the end of that passage way, you can see into Emily's room, so you will know when she's gone.

Kekie103 - 08:14am Aug 9, 2005 PST(#159 of 2945)

Thanks Metal Mouth, but what is the code for the journal to open??????Please answer ASAP!!!!!!!

kimikay2 - 10:27am Aug 9, 2005 PST(#160 of 2945)

kekie 103-

SPOILER ALERT- it's good fellow, and you get it by using the creepy's corner record and Josia's trivet.

Ashley828 - 04:31pm Aug 9, 2005 PST(#161 of 2945)
"Use your head, thats the lump three feet above your butt."

Ok i just got the game today and i need help with like 6 things....

1) What is that guy's fav. poet and how do i find out?

2) what is with the barn doors what do i have to spell?

3) what is with the creepy corner thing i put it together but it won't do anything!

4) it wont let me check off the note that says, "check Josia's things to find clues for the real will" I checked his whole house but it still wont let me check it off

5) Where do i go to find the lady that might have Josia's tivet? I can't find her!

6) what do i do with the mirrors??!!



thank you!

Ash_cabash - 07:28am Aug 10, 2005 PST(#162 of 2945)
Look ahead not behind

Hey guyz, i was wondering where i could get the game in ct?? Wheres the fastest way to order it online and how long? jw . thanx plez post back

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 [F] Nancy Drew Grownups Discussions  / Nancy Drew Computer Games  / Secret of the Old Clock (#12)