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Post a message about mystery radio shows you've enjoyed. Reminisce about listening to the shows or talk about rediscovering the shows that have been released on audiocassette.
Note: All previous radio mystery discussions have been combined into this discussion.

rita demarco - 04:28pm Jul 10, 1997 PST(#1 of 98)

The voice of Sam Spade was Howard Duff

ed carr - 02:26pm Mar 8, 1998 PST(#2 of 98)

steve dunne also played sam spade, when howard duff left the series ed

KK - 12:12pm Sep 9, 1997 PST(#3 of 98)

THE SHADOW web site has been updated (9/9/07)!!

Visit The Master of Darkness at:

J.R. Cimino - 01:51pm Oct 11, 1997 PST(#4 of 98)

I'm looking for copies of radio show scripts from the 30's. I teach a gifted English class, and we're going to create a radio show. I'd like to model a few for them. Any sites you could recommend?

Dale Parady - 10:26pm Dec 26, 1997 PST(#5 of 98)

Radio allowed us to use our imagination. When the show began it let you know it was going to be good. Remember, "What evil lurks in the heart of men? The Shadow knows!" Televison is certainly great but it does not allow for us to use our imagination.

Pam Shorey - 10:09pm Jan 7, 1998 PST(#6 of 98)

I recently chatted with a fellow on irc who said he was the narrator of the LAST episode of The Shadow on radio, in the mid 60s I believe, in downstate New York. Anyone remember that?

Palema ;)

Joani lynn Roberts - 12:17pm Apr 2, 1998 PST(#7 of 98)
Guest User

I love listening to the shadow at night (on a local radio station). Can any one tell me who played the part of Lamont Cranston. On one episode that I heard it was Orsen Wells , but it is some one else on all the others I have heard. So Who is the secound one, Who replaced who. Thanx

Lal - 03:32pm Apr 18, 1998 PST(#8 of 98)

Joani: I don't know the order, but Bill Johnstone, Bret Morrison, and John Archer have all played the voice of The Shadow/Lamont Cranston on the radio show.

Tim DeForest - 10:37am Apr 21, 1998 PST(#9 of 98)

Welles played the Shadow during the shows first season, then was replaced by Bill Johnston, who played the part for several years. Brett Morrison replaced him. John Archer replaced Morrison for one year, then Morrison returned to the role until the show was cancelled in the mid-1950s.

Beverly Thompson - 10:42pm Apr 26, 1998 PST(#10 of 98)

The shadow is on the radiothe station is am1070 you also here and mystery program on called the Whistler every Wednesday at 9:30pm it's really good.

---sheri - 12:18am May 27, 1998 PST(#11 of 98)
Guest User

What do you maean by radiothe station? I live close to Houston Texas and KTRH 7.40 plays old radio programs on Saturday and Sunday nights.Would love it if I could tune to more stations that did more old radio broudcasting.

Kirk in Kanada - 09:58pm Jun 10, 1998 PST(#12 of 98)

If anyone can tell me of a radio station in the Niagara Falls area I would greatly appreciate it. I like the old time stuff and if ther is a internet station all the better. If you have one please write to Thanks Kirk in Kanada

Stuart Hall - 08:38pm Jul 1, 1998 PST(#13 of 98)
Actor, budding mystery writer, community activist...

Anyone out there ever thought of creating anew "The Shadow" on radio...similar to what the comics did about a couple decades ago? I think I may have some ideas that might strike gold, as it were...I want to do on radio the equivalent of the special-effects folk at the movies & (to a lesser extent) on TV. Please respond...

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