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Examples from Educators
Post a comment about how you have used mysteries in the classroom. Tell others what you did, how it worked, and what you would do in the future.

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Terrilyn Scott - 01:55pm Jul 2, 2002 PST(#7 of 11)

I teach 8th grade Algebra and Pre-Algebra. I take the basic quick solve and solve it mysteries and add 3 or 4 math problems related to the activities taking place in the case (i.e. what is the perimeter of the window, how much will the ice cream cost if Nina buys it for all her friends?)throughout the story. I then use these as warm-up activities to start my class. The students do math and solve the mystery, they beg for more and always groan on the pun in the solution.

Fran Hinkel - 08:43am Jul 11, 2002 PST(#8 of 11)
You can check out anytime you like...but you can never leave!

What a great idea! Maybe if someone had made algebra fun for me I would remember how to do it! You're a special teacher and I hope your kids appreciate you.

Dorothy Toof - 08:11am Jan 9, 2003 PST(#9 of 11)

Our middle school would like to plan a mystery for our students to solve that happens in the building. We plan to have a field trip to the local police department to discuss crime scenes with the detectives. Has anyone tried making their own mystery? We could use some suggestions. We have about 75 students.Thanks.

Terrilyn Scott - 09:28pm Jan 19, 2003 PST(#10 of 11)

I did this at the high school but I'm sure it would work at the middle school. I actually had a student "steal" a printer from the computer classroom, during class (it could be anything). I distracted the students and then sat back and waited for someone to realize what had happened. We elected police who interviewed all the witnesses (a class of 32). We discussed the evidence and came up with a suspect and then held a mock trial (jurors, attorneys, judge were from another class). It was great and a real lesson on how everyone sees things differently. Each student (approx. 65)played a role so was actively involved. It played out over a week of class time. Hope this suggestion spurs some ideas.

Bazoo826 - 02:44pm Aug 4, 2004 PST(#11 of 11)
The nightmare before christmas is the best movie. I love Jack!

omg i wish my school did taat!! that sounds lyk soo much fun! it would be so kewl!

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Other Mystery Topics  / Learning with Mysteries  / Examples from Educators

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