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I Confess

I Confess was a discussion we had in the early days of MysteyNet. I thought it would be fun to bring it back and see how it goes.

You can confess your truest feelings here or just everyday things.

We are here to listen, so confess away.

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Fran Hinkel - 03:50am Sep 27, 2008 PST(#68 of 3115)
You can check out anytime you like...but you can never leave!

Well, Ann, I certainly won't vote for him then! I confess I never noticed that.

I also confess to watching the debate for one hour and then turned it off. It was kind of fun watching them smile each time their opponent made a claim against them, but that can only hold your attention for so long!

Aggie - 06:01am Sep 27, 2008 PST(#69 of 3115)
The most wasted of all days is one without laughter. ee cummings

I confess I like the decorations, Fran!!

Ze Moi - 12:32pm Sep 27, 2008 PST(#70 of 3115)
"I'm reaching up and reaching out. I'm reaching for the random or whatever will bewilder me." --Tool

I confess my toenails are too long...

_Jersey_Girl_ - 12:37pm Sep 27, 2008 PST(#71 of 3115)
"Nothing matters in the whole wide world when you're in love with a Jersey Girl." - T. Waits

I confess I did not need to know that, Ze! ;oP

kirsten b - 01:56pm Sep 27, 2008 PST(#72 of 3115)

I confess that I also noticed that it is getting cobwebby and punkiny in the social lounge.

White Tornado - 08:28pm Sep 27, 2008 PST(#73 of 3115)
(8@D)======> The WINDS of change are inevitable...but is the Power of Love......TORNADO WARNING: Some people are sheltered,,,,,, and then,,,,,, I unshelter them

I confess Maxwill miss my post because at the rate he gets back to MNhe will hit recent again.(8@P~~~~~~~~~)=========>

Ann-B - 12:32am Sep 28, 2008 PST(#74 of 3115)
The race is long, and in the end, it's only with yourself

I confess that Oscar Wilde had a good point when he said "Life is too important to be taken seriously." That goes for everything from toenails to elections! :-D

Fran Hinkel - 02:53am Sep 28, 2008 PST(#75 of 3115)
You can check out anytime you like...but you can never leave!

I confess, I guess it all depends on what quality of life you want, Ann. And being sure you will be around to enjoy it. Our current situation is as serious as a heart attack.

Fran Hinkel - 02:56am Sep 28, 2008 PST(#76 of 3115)
You can check out anytime you like...but you can never leave!

I further confess that I think it is important to be informed and not base our decisions on emotion or pride. I'm crazy like that, LOL.

Fran Hinkel - 02:57am Sep 28, 2008 PST(#77 of 3115)
You can check out anytime you like...but you can never leave!

I confess I'm glad you guys like the decorations!

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Social Lounge  / I Confess

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