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The Secret of Shadow Ranch Computer Game (#10)
Nancy Drew CD-ROM game The Secret of Shadow Ranch
The Secret of Shadow Ranch
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The Secret of Shadow Ranch
Play as Nancy Drew in this interactive mystery-adventure game. 20+ hours of thrilling game play; interview suspects. New puzzles tie directly to the storyline and give important clues.

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Love 2 Talk - 02:37pm Aug 31, 2004 PST(#196 of 12030)
If The Definition Of Beauty Gets Any Thinner ,No One Will Fit.

wat do I do after i go into cappy get all the arrow at dry creek heads go in the police station at dry creek

nancfan#1 - 04:35pm Aug 31, 2004 PST(#197 of 12030)

help!!!! how do yu open the locket. if there is another one where????

nitabonita - 06:54pm Aug 31, 2004 PST(#198 of 12030)

SPOILER ALERT I'm totally stuck, I am at the part whereshe has completed all the tasks, I just have to figure out the whole dove thing on the box. I called the author too. Any one have any ideas?

nitabonita - 06:57pm Aug 31, 2004 PST(#199 of 12030)

Is anyone even on???

NanFan416 - 08:37am Sep 1, 2004 PST(#200 of 12030)
"If you ever give anything less than your best, you're sacrificing your gift." *~* "I've been trying not to love you, I've been putting up a fight. I've been barely holding on, and letting go with all my might. But there's a part of me that's empty, I know love can only fill. I'm afraid I'll never find it, but scared to death I will." *~* "Under his spell, right from the start. Like a theif in the night, he captured my heart." ~*~ "Anyone can say what they want, and they can say how they feel. I don't care one bit, cuz I know my love for him is real." ~*~ "Forever I'll be jealous, of every girl who hugged you. Even though just one moment, she held my entire world." *~* "Ever think of me, totally out of the blue. Well- it's all the kisses I've blown, catching up with you." *~* "Life is not about waiting for every storm to pass. It's about learning how to love dancing in the rain." *~* "Don't tell me I'll be laughing tomorrow, when I can't even fake a smile today." *~* "Tell her you lover her already, before she's gone. Because people change and even though it hurts, hearts can move on." *~*

How do you get the twin ring I got so fed up with the game and got the walkthrough. SPOILER ALERT: It said to use the twin ring on the light or somthing but I don't have a ny twin ring anf this the only thing on my to do list...

So I started a new game... but I am stuck at the same point!

weirdo123 - 01:52pm Sep 1, 2004 PST(#201 of 12030)
I Am The Randolph.

you get the ring from Dave. you dont shine it at a light. just tell me when you get it

butterfly1810 - 08:48pm Sep 1, 2004 PST(#202 of 12030)

plzzz help me...the letter that i found inside the piano at cappy said that i must bring my fork to beady eyes ranch and dont forget to see wats below...i already got the tuning forks but i got no idea wat to do next?where is beady eyse ranch?shadow ranch?and wat does it means to see wats below?Any idea?

weirdo123 - 04:34am Sep 2, 2004 PST(#203 of 12030)
I Am The Randolph.

alright go to the jail in dry creek. look at the porch of it. just clik the hot spots and take the box. i also hope you go that red crank from the general store. wat you do is look at taht freaky outhouse next to is and then clik on the porch of the store. then go to cappy's. clik on th counter. that outline on the counter look vaguely familiar... put the box down on the outline. now put thta red crank on the side. now you hafta spell something with the tuning forks and the letters that are already on the box. try use the forks F,A,C,E, in that order. then clik th crank. TA-DA!

hardy - 05:04am Sep 2, 2004 PST(#204 of 12030)

need helpn with the dove please help hurry i'm not suppose to be on here

hardy - 05:07am Sep 2, 2004 PST(#205 of 12030)

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeelllp why is no one helping me

weirdo123 - 05:39am Sep 2, 2004 PST(#206 of 12030)
I Am The Randolph.

sry but wat dove?

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