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The Final Scene Computer Game (#5)
Nancy Drew CD-ROM game The Final Scene
"The Final Scene"
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Curly_cutie_1 - 10:28am Jul 27, 2009 PST(#5377 of 5390)

have u activated the cages from the projection room

grapesrawesome - 11:38am Sep 3, 2009 PST(#5378 of 5390)

if you want to read about funny things that happen to nancy in these pc games and all the funny quotes she says, so to then click on the tab that says nancy :] its hilarious. become a member and u will get updates on everything nancy!!

*candyapple* - 09:36am Dec 27, 2009 PST(#5379 of 5390)
"I like a good detective story, but they begin in the wrong place! They begin with the murder. But the murder is the end. The story begins long before that." -Mr.Treves (Agatha Christy: Towards Zero)

grapesrawesome: This is not a site for advertisement. Please do not post advertisements on here.

biscuit2 - 07:10am Dec 28, 2009 PST(#5380 of 5390)

i'm with *candyapple*.

KKbear - 11:11am Feb 6, 2010 PST(#5381 of 5390)

what's the number for mr. trout?

kk556 - 11:16am Feb 6, 2010 PST(#5382 of 5390)

I need the number for mr.trout somebody

The Viking Maiden - 07:09pm Feb 19, 2010 PST(#5383 of 5390)
sonny wuz here

kk556--Eustasia Andropov (or what ever her name is--Harry Houdini's cousin) should give it to you. After that, I do think it should be in your address book when you approach the phone and hear the dial tone.

Nicholas Falcone gives you Eustasia's number if you don't have that yet.

kellybelly101 - 05:14pm Mar 18, 2010 PST(#5384 of 5390)

I could really use some help! First off-- the sound in my game isn't working! I just downloaded it today. Any time I try to use the phone in the theater, the game freezes! I also have not yet received a threatening phone call. Help please? Spoilers welcome!

kellybelly101 - 05:18pm Mar 18, 2010 PST(#5385 of 5390)

I also have one other question: Where is the projection room?

kellybelly101 - 05:42pm Mar 18, 2010 PST(#5386 of 5390)

P.S.- I'm not sure if this makes much of a difference, but I thought I'd let you all know that I downloaded the game, so it can't be a problem with a disk, since there isn't one!

Luckygal_415 - 05:30pm Mar 29, 2010 PST(#5387 of 5390)
It's up to you as Nancy Drew.

kellybelly- go up the stairs in the lobby next before you reach the doors turn to the right and a step or two you should cath with your eye a door turn to the left and that is where the projection room is!


chickenbroth - 11:22am Aug 16, 2010 PST(#5388 of 5390)
cant stop playin ND games.....its sad. (:

ughh. i cant figure out the projector. its day 3 and im confused...i saw maya and stuff through the peep hole.

chickenbroth - 11:24am Aug 16, 2010 PST(#5389 of 5390)
cant stop playin ND games.....its sad. (:

and i made a key with the lettors "S I V O"

chickenbroth - 02:54pm Aug 16, 2010 PST(#5390 of 5390)
cant stop playin ND games.....its sad. (:

forgetthat. im running out of time and


nancys in the secret passagway (day 3) locked in the projector room and i CANNOT ifnd the right key in my invetory.

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