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Sherlock Holmes

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What is your favorite Sherlock Holmes story and why? Which characters do you find most interesting? Why do people still love Sherlock Holmes today?

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Narnia-Freak-102 - 02:07pm Oct 5, 2006 PST(#976 of 997)

I love Sherlock Holmes. thats why my nickname is Sherlock.LOL!

Victor Feldstein - 11:52am Dec 1, 2006 PST(#977 of 997)

I Have been writing some Sherlock Holmes Mysteries

karuna - 11:10pm Dec 10, 2006 PST(#978 of 997)

He's such a gentleman. An actor(in "The dying detective"). I pity Watson sometimes. He's always surprised by Holmes next moves.

Robert Bauman - 04:16pm Dec 12, 2006 PST(#979 of 997)
"Come at once if convenient - if inconvenient come all the same. " Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes, in my opinion, is the best detective of all time. I always wish I had his mind! I particularly like the Hound of the Baskervilles. A very good story.

Amy-chan - 01:31pm Apr 14, 2007 PST(#980 of 997)

My favorite story is "The Adventure of the Empty House"! Sherlock Holmes is back after a decade (or 2 years in his time)!

Jeferson Nanao - 12:56am Apr 21, 2007 PST(#981 of 997)

I love all Sherlock Holmes Stories. I don't have any particular favorites. Sherlock Holmes is so great. I wish I can deduce and observe like him!

Lily Black - 06:02pm Jul 17, 2007 PST(#982 of 997)

I love Sherlock Holmes, but my favorite character in the series is the too littly mentioned Mycroft Holmes. He was the one who helped Sherlock go into hiding when Moriarty tries to push him off the cliff. If it wasn't for him, Moriarty's henchmen might have found Sherlock.

Puff - 07:00pm Jul 20, 2007 PST(#983 of 997)

I too am a huge fan of Sherlock,(I have The Complete Sherlock Holmes with all of Doyle's Holmes stories) but i am fortunate enough to have the powers of deduction that he has (i have to work on my observation skills) but i am often able to solve the mysteries before i read their conclusions.

Monica James - 07:52am Oct 2, 2007 PST(#984 of 997)

For those in the Boston area, the Museum of Science is hosting a FREE program on Wednesday, October 17 at 7 pm called "The Science of Sherlock Holmes" featuring author EJ Wagner. Tickets are first-come, first served beginning at 5:45 pm in the Museum lobby.

alfred childs - 04:13pm Nov 11, 2007 PST(#985 of 997)

My favorite Sherlock novel is part 1 of The Valley of Fear. Of the short stories, my top five are The Bruce Partington Plan, The Six Napoleons, The Speckled Band, The Red Headed League, and Silver Blaze. I like the way Holmes sees things that nobody else does, or does'nt think that it's important. Like curried mutton for dinner, the kind of knife in the victim's hand, the other guys bill in the pocket, the lameness of the sheep, and of course, the curious incident of the dog in the middle of the night.

mark216 - 10:56am Mar 26, 2008 PST(#986 of 997)

my favorite mystery is the hound of baskerville

D.E.X - 11:40pm Jul 21, 2008 PST(#987 of 997)

All adventures are great. Holmes is the Greatest.

philip73 - 08:01pm Oct 18, 2008 PST(#988 of 997)

where can i read mystery novels online?

Missy Sweesy - 10:23pm Nov 20, 2008 PST(#989 of 997)
Life has a way of finding you, no matter how artistic a sneak you are.---Keeper proverb---Thief: The Dark Project.

It's not easy, they're copywrited. The Gutenberg Project does have many wold works, so there might be something there if you know the title or author. But it certainly wouldn't be anything newer than 75 years or so?

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Greats  / Sherlock Holmes  / Sherlock Holmes

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