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The Creature of Kapu Cave (#15)

You, as Nancy Drew, go to Hawaii to serve as a research assistant to Dr. Quigley Kim. A devastating scourge is destroying the pineapple crop causing residents to whisper that a local research compound has awoken the legendary Kāne Ōkāla. Upon arriving, she discovers the camp ravaged with Dr. Kim missing. Coincidentally, the Hardy Boys are also on the Island to complete top secret mission, but its up to Nancy to uncover this intricate web of mysteries!

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grapesrawesome - 12:39pm Sep 3, 2009 PST(#1355 of 1361)

if you want to read about funny things that happen to nancy in these pc games and all the funny quotes she says, so to then click on the tab that says nancy :] its hilarious. become a member and u will get updates on everything nancy!!

lisbeth_barajas_30 - 05:47pm Nov 8, 2009 PST(#1356 of 1361)

Biscuit2 I raelly need your help I'm stuck on the clip bord and if any one can help that would be great.

biscuit2 - 01:50pm Dec 21, 2009 PST(#1357 of 1361)

do you know how to sort the frass?

biscuit2 - 03:13pm Dec 21, 2009 PST(#1358 of 1361)

sorry my message was so late!

Nellie D. - 02:46pm Mar 23, 2010 PST(#1359 of 1361)
It is important to fight and fight again, and keep fighting, for only then can evil be kept at bay though never quite eradicated. --Albus Dumbledore: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Just click on the clipboard, then click on the right-hand corner of the clipboard, and flip through the pages. They contain the instructions on how to sort the frass. If you still need help, I can tell you what to put on the chart.

Maylee - 09:09am Dec 9, 2010 PST(#1360 of 1361)

Hi, if you need help on the clipboard, here it is...


to chart should go:

10 99 12 405 08 108 8 505 04 119 9 105 11 44 3 505 11 37 5 305 06 150 9 105

Hope this helps, keep playing nancy drew! p.s. this message is really late but i'm trying to answer as many questions as I can whether they're new or old :P

purplezilla - 10:28pm Apr 10, 2011 PST(#1361 of 1361)

Please please someone help me with the clipboard please

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 [F] Nancy Drew Grownups Discussions  / Nancy Drew Computer Games  / The Creature of Kapu Cave (#15)