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Reviews of "How to Host a Murder" and "How to Host a Teen Mystery"
Ivan Owen - 07:18pm Aug 1, 2000 PST
"Writing is a spontaneous adveture, not a planned trip"

This area is for all you mystery lovers to write in on how you felt about the "How to Host a Murder" or "How to Host a Teen Mystery" that you have hosted. Tell what you liked and what you didn't like.... better yet, tell us your opinion on the one you hosted. REMEMBER TO TELL WHICH ONE YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT!!!!

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Waterlillie16 - 08:27am Oct 21, 2002 PST(#7 of 25)

I'm having a party for my birthday and i want to know how to host a murder party and some ideas for this party ok. Waterlillie16

Jenner - 07:41am Oct 25, 2002 PST(#8 of 25)
A friend threatened to jump off a cliff, but I knew it was just a bluff. ;)

Hi Waterlillie,

The easiest way is to buy a ready-made mystery party (see sponsor links to the right). Then invite the number of people that the mystery is set for (it'll say on the box). Open the box and assign each person a character. If you do this ahead of time, people can dress up like their character.

If you want to get creative, you could write your own mystery, but someone else will have to give you advice on that.

sassi - 11:28am Oct 25, 2002 PST(#9 of 25)
I think animal testing is a terrible idea; they get all nervous and give the wrong answers.


Jenner gave you good advice - best thing is to buy a pre-made mystery party. If you plan to write one, it does take time and as Jenner recommended, you'd need to do it with someone.

Good luck!

Rachel Messenger - 03:11pm Feb 9, 2003 PST(#10 of 25)

I've only played one of the games. It wasnt a party or anything, just a group gathering. It was a lot of fun and we really want to do a big event of it once a month. All the games look like so much fun. The game I played was How to Host a Murder's Mystery Tour Bus or something close to that. Does anyone have any suggestions as to a good game to have an all-out dinner, costume event? Thank you.

Dee Wilson - 02:50pm Mar 2, 2003 PST(#11 of 25)

Hi! I have never hosted a mystery party before and would like to read one before actually purchasing one. Are there any examples online? I have a group of Girl Scouts who would probably love this. Any advice or help would be appreciated.

sassi - 10:04am Mar 6, 2003 PST(#12 of 25)
I think animal testing is a terrible idea; they get all nervous and give the wrong answers.

Hello Dee,

The problem with reading a home MP is that you'd have all the answers before you came to the end of it. So, generally, they do not have them on-line for viewing.

Basically the boxed ones in stores cater to smaller parties and to do larger ones, like with the Girl Scouts, you need to have it special made or adapt a boxed one.

Although I might be wrong...but the only ones I've seen in the store are parties of 8 and under.

There are companies (in cities) which cater to larger groups and people ~like myself~ who write mp's for larger groups.

I know, this isn't much help. I'm running out the door as I write, so it's sparse. Any specific questions you might have? Might be able to answer them here for you. =o)

Linda G - 06:41pm Sep 20, 2003 PST(#13 of 25)

Sassi (or anyone with experience writing a mystery party):

I'm a GS leader working with girls grades 6-12. At our last meeting the group I was working with wanted to host a mystery party for our troop (could be for 20-25 girls). I think they (or a couple of them) might want to write their own. This would be 5-6 girls creating something for the whole troop to do, probably in the spring.

I started surfing the net looking for a 'game template' or an example of the materials they would need to create. That's how I found MysteryNet. From exploring this site, I gather we need a plot outline, cast of characters, clues (and evidence?).

Do you know of (free) sample game materials, so I can share with them a possible format? Also, do you have any ideas about how I might learn from others' experiences so I can help the girls make reasonable choices to fit the time they have available to prepare their mystery party?

They are SO enthusiastic--I'd like to help them make this idea a reality!


sassi - 10:17pm Sep 30, 2003 PST(#14 of 25)
I think animal testing is a terrible idea; they get all nervous and give the wrong answers.

Hello Linda,

As far as I know there isn't a game template to follow. If you are interested, you can email me. My email addy is in my profile. I was a Brownie leader, so have a special spot for girls in Scouts. :)

PookyDragon - 02:29pm Nov 17, 2003 PST(#15 of 25)
Thwart. Thwart thwart thwart thwart thwart. Wow, say a word enough times and it really sounds silly.

Linda- I worked with a friend via internet to make a mystery party for this site. I went back and started to write a second one, making a template for future ones along the way. It's really not too difficult to write one as long as you can get organized and have a lot of creativity. Hosting one is a little trickier (well, for me it was, because I had a set idea of how I wanted it to go, and it kept deviating, so I had to improvise a lot to get it back on track, LOL.) If you want to email me I'd be happy to help also. :)

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Games & Puzzles  / Mystery Parties  / Reviews of "How to Host a Murder" and "How to Host a Teen Mystery"

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